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A manmade mountain

Maarjamäe War Memorial

Why locals love it

In the Soviet Union size really did matter. Be it submarines, planes or microcomputers - everything had to be bigger than everything else. The Maarjamäe memorial can easily be mistaken for an airfield, but thanks to the fine job done by Tallinn's air traffic controllers, no planes have attempted to land there. Yet.



Why you should visit it

Even though the site is in rather poor condition, it still offers a nice view of the Tallinn skyline across the bay and an experience of the Soviets' delusions of grandeur. Behind the memorial there is also a former German cemetery. Ironic some?

Special tip

Locals have given the giant obelisk erected in 1960 a few entertaining nicknames – a common one being Pinocchio.

Maarjamäe War Memorial
Pirita tee 74, 12011 Tallinn, Estonia

Mon-Su: Open 24 hours

+372 640 4141
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