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Hi! Im traveling to Tallinn next week. Does anyone know any places that sell rare or uncommon plants? Mostly interested… Read more

Malin September 25, 2021 answer

Kitchen accessories like oven mitts, trivets and so on..

A July 7, 2021 answer

Hi, I need a handyman service to set up an Ikea Sofa. I'm living in Tallinn (Kesklinn) Best regards, Marta

Marta May 23, 2021 answer

Hello Planning to stay in Estonia for the next couple of months and looking for a reliable car rental company that o… Read more

Amanda May 3, 2021 answer

How will things be there? what do they say about tourism? and how is your country at the moment? we will also visit Hel… Read more

George April 20, 2021 answer

Tere! Could you recommend a good nail salon in Tallinn? I'm not looking for doing fancy long nails. I have short nails … Read more

Rui December 25, 2020 answer

I found a cottage in the middle of the forest, however, the train will leave me 5km away from the cottage. Next day I w… Read more

Vanessa July 22, 2020 answer

Where can we do barbeque in tallinn, preferably in Pirita beach area ?

Samar June 12, 2020 answer

Doing some research on what it is like to live in Tallin, are there any people from Tallinn with 30 minutes to spare fo… Read more

Isabella April 15, 2020 answer

I am looking for flea markets on sunday. Thanks :)

Ege March 9, 2020 answer

I will be visit Tallinn on 22-24 March. I am a travel blogger and I would like to meet with locals. Anyone interested, … Read more

Ege March 8, 2020 answer

Hi, my boyfriend and I will be spending the 2019/2020 New Year's Eve in Tallinn. Could you guys recommend a good place … Read more

Agnieszka December 11, 2019 answer

Hello, we'd like to taste the estonian dishes like Mulgipuder, Verivorst, Kama etc. somethere not far from the Tallinn'… Read more

Julija October 23, 2019 answer

I am looking for typical (also beautiful typical inside) restaurant in the city centre on a good budget price and big p… Read more

Ornella September 24, 2019 answer

-Best one day tour from Tallin centre to outside the city,I would like to see nature e small typical villages. if you … Read more

Ornella September 24, 2019 answer

hello, I'm staying at Tallin until 22 evening. May I ask where can I drink Jaanihanso ciders in Tallin(cafe or bar or r… Read more

俊賢 September 20, 2019 answer

I have extra day as i finished what i want to see in the city. I would love to do something for tomorrow (thursday) suc… Read more

Hi I'm planning to stay Estonia for three weeks. I will be there for researching how estonia's IT developed, but I woul… Read more

iori August 14, 2019 answer

For hight lighting / hombre / blonding?

Henrika August 6, 2019 answer

Hi, we are a group of 11 Norwegian guys staying in Old Town 15-18th August. Please advice a cool place for dinner Frida… Read more

Jarl Ivar August 1, 2019 answer

We will be spending 3 days in Tallinn, after which we have 2 days to visit Riga. We are thinking of taking the Tallinn-… Read more

Jesmin July 21, 2019 answer

Does anyone know of a good handyman that doesn't charge too much and is capable of delivering great work?

khalida July 16, 2019 answer

Breakfast places

Robert July 4, 2019 answer

I will arrive in Tallinn in the late afternoon of July 4, 2019.

Mark July 3, 2019 answer

Hello! I plan to visit Tallinn with a group of friends during the Christmas Markets this year. What nice hotels would y… Read more

Māra June 16, 2019 answer

Hi, Can anyone who works in tourism related job or has a knowledge about tourism industry respond to this survey ple… Read more

Amanda May 14, 2019 answer

Hei, just moved to Viimsi. Does anyone know a good jogging route and a nice dinner place? Mb a gym? Would appreciate al… Read more

Ksenia May 1, 2019 answer

We are four swiss with strong estoniant roots and will be in Tallinn between July 3rd and 7th. Any recommondation where… Read more

Gabriela April 21, 2019 answer

My partner and I will be in Tallinn from this Wednesday 17 April until Good Friday. Would love to find some good cultur… Read more

Jodie April 13, 2019 answer

We have been staying in the Old Town the last couple of nights. Though beautiful, not much is going on during the day (… Read more

Anja March 23, 2019 answer

Is it possible and how much to get a guide familiar with and willing to take two of us to Matsuulu National Park , we c… Read more

Elizabeth March 22, 2019 answer

I'm a super coffee lover! and looking for cool and independent coffee roasters or coffee stands serving specialty one. … Read more

tatsuya March 17, 2019 answer

Hi, locals! I'd like to know “cool street(alternative) culture including skateboarding or bicycle” in Tallinn and meet … Read more

tatsuya March 17, 2019 answer

Hello, I would like to know if there are any recycling companies in Tallinn that will buy large quantities of glass, p… Read more

Miguel March 16, 2019 answer

Is there a shop in Tallinn that you can buy Christmas Ornaments throughout the year?

Charis March 11, 2019 answer

We are four people from Scotland travelling to Tallinn in February. We would like to visit an outdoor smoke sauna if po… Read more

Alasdair January 9, 2019 answer

Hey I need a handyman in Tallinn urgently to fix some dry wall. Thanks

Reece December 16, 2018 answer

Hi, can anyone recommend a Teddy Bear shop in Tallinn please? Thanks in advance Stuart

Stuart December 3, 2018 answer

Hi, I would like to take my daughter to see Jõuluvana when in Tallinn in a couple of weeks. Does any one have a suggest… Read more

Stuart December 3, 2018 answer

Hi iam visiting Tallinn in 31/12 and i am looking a good club to spend the night.Any suggestions?

Nikolas November 23, 2018 answer

Hi, I know my question is so vague but I have to try and ask, I remember an alcoholic drink I had in the old town Talli… Read more

Merize November 21, 2018 answer

What's good neighbourhood for expats in Tallinn? And what's approximate rent of furnished flat?

Garima November 2, 2018 answer

How's Indian grocery store in Tallinn? Is it too expensive? Does it have enough variety and quality food items? Does … Read more

Garima November 1, 2018 answer

Can non-estonian spouse work on Residence Permit, whose husband is on Work Permit in Tallinn?

Garima November 1, 2018 answer

IT job in Berlin or IT job in Tallinn? Which is better?

Garima November 1, 2018 answer

Is adequate variety of vegetables available in Tallinn during winter months?

Garima November 1, 2018 answer

I will be on work permit in Tallinn. Am I eligible for free transport after having Residence Permit of Tallinn?

Garima November 1, 2018 answer

Hi guys, I will be there during these date with a friend. If there is some special event or someone wanna hang out for … Read more

Marco October 25, 2018 answer

From where to buy cheap jackets for winters/snow in Tallinn

An Inactive User October 25, 2018 answer

Hi guys, I will be there nexnt month, on 19. Can you advise me a live concert pub, and telling me if there is some morn… Read more

Marco October 14, 2018 answer

i bought a cotton sweater with the inside tab reading rasa knitwear. it is two tone cream with light tan and has a hoo… Read more

marsha October 8, 2018 answer

Also, where to go for a drink and listen to some jazz. (not touristic) ;)

Sara September 15, 2018 answer

Hi, I’ve just recently relocated to Tallinn. I’ve gone to some of the local supermarkets but have not found any protei… Read more

Finn August 3, 2018 answer

In Estonia is there any place would like to camp in tent and see the northern sky light and stars ,Galaxy. any options … Read more

Nithesh August 2, 2018 answer

We are a group og four looking for the best night life experience! Where should we go?

Christine July 14, 2018 answer

Where is the best place in Tallinn to watch the match between france and coatia?

Christine July 13, 2018 answer

I heard that there are about 50 different small and large cosmetics producers in Estonia and almost all of the manufact… Read more

Atsuko July 6, 2018 answer

I assume summer is rather short in your beautiful country. How do you local people enjoy summer time? Do you do anythi… Read more

Atsuko July 5, 2018 answer

Where in Tallinn can I get their products except for Telliskivi?

Atsuko July 5, 2018 answer

Hello I'm going to study in Estonian business school for the next semester. I wanted to know where should I look for … Read more

Matan June 22, 2018 answer

We are 3 girls and hosting a 30year birthday party (end of November) and we are looking for a unformal party venue (Boh… Read more

Which are the locally known cafes or restaurants in Tallinn and Helsinki, that have good vegetarian options? And what … Read more

Sumit May 18, 2018 answer

Plan to connect with some design companies (i.e. Branding & Digital), during my short visit to Tallinn & Helsinki, in t… Read more

Sumit May 18, 2018 answer

We will be in Tallinn for a very short time - after we have seen the Old Town and other usual musts, is there possibly … Read more

Laetitia May 10, 2018 answer

I have a group of about 30 people that would like a special dinner on small budget but good food and wine. Any suggesti… Read more

I'm visiting Tallinn for an overnight stay sunday-monday. I have visited there many times before and have seen all the … Read more

Marika April 28, 2018 answer

Is there any live music that would be on early evening? We are both on our sixties and have eclectic tastes - jazz, roc… Read more

Chris April 26, 2018 answer

We are in Tallin 25th - 29th April. My partner is a coeliac. What isTallinn like for gluten free places - restuarants … Read more

Chris April 23, 2018 answer

Hi, i'm going to be in Tallin in 10 days. How will be the weather? Really thanks Elisa

Elisa April 18, 2018 answer

looking to rent a car in tallinn. im from riga and we have many cheap option like AUTOLEVI and carguru (Rent by time, … Read more

ben April 5, 2018 answer

I'd love some insider recommendations for favorite underground (i.e., stone ceilings, etc.) bars in Old Town that allow… Read more

Kara March 8, 2018 answer

We are coming this weekend my mom and I with my two nieces ages 13 and 11. Museums are out unless there is some super f… Read more

Linn March 6, 2018 answer

Food and other things that you need

Sandra February 19, 2018 answer

Four of us (friends) are planning a journey to Tallin. Any tips - where to go, sleep, eat, drink, how to spend time, ho… Read more

Vic February 17, 2018 answer

I know this prison is closed for the big public, but i also see that you can still visit it.. I'd like to go for makin… Read more

Jambo February 9, 2018 answer

Hi, I’m visiting Tallinn on 16th of February. What do you suggest to do or see with two early-teens (a girl and a boy)?… Read more

Agris February 8, 2018 answer

hello! Im looking for a nice and cozy place for breakfast and good coffee, that is open at least from 7;7.30 or 8

Louise February 7, 2018 answer

Not just in specified vegetarian restaurants, but also in other establishments? In particular, I am a vegetarian (who l… Read more

Benjamin February 1, 2018 answer

I'd like to take a tour bus to Riga. What is the best way to return to Tallinn from Riga? Any suggestions on traveling… Read more

Anita January 17, 2018 answer

Hello! I'm interested about some upcoming design markets, that's worth it to participate as designer/seller. Mayb… Read more

Louise January 8, 2018 answer

Hi all I was wondering if someone could say how snowy it might be at the end of january? I am hoping to book a trip but… Read more

Eve January 7, 2018 answer

Hey! Could please suggest supermarkets/shops where to buy food of high quality and a medium price. Thanks in advanc… Read more

Olga January 3, 2018 answer

Hello Estonian brothers and sisters. Can you suggest any fun and extraordinary activities that could take place on 31. … Read more

Aleksandrs December 27, 2017 answer

Hello locals, I need to know if a gross salary of 2800€ / month is good for affording a car, a nice small apartment for… Read more

Mag December 18, 2017 answer

Looking for places for music, poetry, etc.. Thanks

David December 9, 2017 answer

I would love to find a spa that has well-trained aestheticians who give quality facial treatments (with quality produc… Read more

Courtney December 6, 2017 answer

I wish to know what is the best mode of transport from the Tallinn International Coach Station to Kanuti station vicini… Read more

FOOK December 4, 2017 answer

We're looking for a place to purchase a fresh Christmas tree in or near Tallinn now. We don't want to wait until Christ… Read more

Lorianne November 29, 2017 answer

For cut & coloring/highlights. Decent prices, nice and stylish salon. Thanks for the tips :)

Elina November 27, 2017 answer

I'm planning to travel to Tallinn with 2 kids, age 6 and 9. any suggestions for inexpensive and tasty local foods? wo… Read more

Kwok Hung November 9, 2017 answer

Hi locals, Where are the science exhibition centers I can travel to in Estonia? For Child and students we are looking … Read more

Nihat October 28, 2017 answer

Hello, I'm doing a school project in which I have to make a citytrip. I chose for Tallinn and now i'm looking for a … Read more

Indra October 24, 2017 answer

hi, i would like to find a good cafe where you can study in tallinn!

Ebba October 20, 2017 answer

hello we are a group of 4 traveling to Tallinn 27/12/17 and looking to find somewhere to spend New years eve we would … Read more

Raymond Alan October 12, 2017 answer

Hi, i'm an exchange student and i'm doing a project about estonia, i'll be there the 24 october and i need to make some… Read more

Alessandra October 6, 2017 answer

we are the men shoe supplier in China,we have some customers in tallinn,but we don't know how about the shoe market now… Read more

Sunny September 26, 2017 answer

Hi could you recomend me an accurate local weather forecast service? I'am particulary interested in this weekend:)

Bartosz September 19, 2017 answer

Hi all! We're going to Haapsalu for a weekend and would really like to get tips of places to see, cool restaurants, caf… Read more

Henna September 14, 2017 answer

Is there something from Belgium that you really like and would want that i bring / you come to pick it up. It should b… Read more

Bart August 30, 2017 answer

Hey Are there any public / free events on this year?

Marta August 30, 2017 answer

I have 67 Eesti Pank, can i exchange them in the National Bank of Estonia or can i better use them to put on the fire n… Read more

Bart August 29, 2017 answer

I want a mobile sim card with as much data as possible, not so much talking time. Which mobile operator has the best n… Read more

Bart August 28, 2017 answer

September. Anyone who knows a good nice road where do drive these babies or is willing to come with me and also drive s… Read more

Bart August 21, 2017 answer

Hi! I need a handyman (or woman ;)) to help me install some shelfs and hang a few frames in my apartment. thank you in … Read more

Can anyone tell me the nearest shop to Braavo hotel that sells snack, wine, beer and water thank you

Helen August 13, 2017 answer

Hi! is there a nudist area in Pirita beach? thanks!

Mike August 12, 2017 answer

Would like to know if it's necessary to pay tips when eat out in Tallinn? Thanks in advance~!

Afra August 9, 2017 answer

Some restaurants in Tallinn add VAT to the advertised menu prices whilst others don't. I understand that VAT is paid ei… Read more

nigel August 9, 2017 answer

Please suggest me some shops (for children clothing) in Tallinn!

Agnese August 9, 2017 answer

Traveling to Tallinn for 3 nights during Aug 24- 26, need suggestions for places to meet and interact with locals :)

Dhruv August 8, 2017 answer

Looking to head to Tallinn in February 2018 with around 8 friends. Is there a good vibe and nightlife at this time of y… Read more

Ben August 7, 2017 answer

Today the weather is aweful and we're a little exhausted from travelling. So we decided to go swimming. Where should we… Read more

Martina August 6, 2017 answer

Where in Tallinn can you buy traditional woven rugs for the livingroom floor?

Emilie August 4, 2017 answer

Where in Tallinn can you buy traditional woven rugs for the livingroom floor?

Emilie August 4, 2017 answer

Hello! Where is the best place to try as many different local berries as possible, a restaurant, a market..? Also, whe… Read more

Jen July 31, 2017 answer

Hello again! I have a lot of plastic bottles, is it possible to find a recycle bin for them in the center? And for othe… Read more

Elena July 28, 2017 answer

Girls! Really need your advice on good salon for manicure, haircut, coloring, somewhere in the center or near it. Thank… Read more

Elena July 28, 2017 answer

Hi! I have a gluten allergy and will be spending one day in Tallinn this month. Do you have any recommedations for grea… Read more

Jessie July 24, 2017 answer

Hia, I'm staying in Tallinn for 4 nights over New Year and wanted to experience a truly awesome time! I'd like to know … Read more

Christian July 23, 2017 answer

We are coming over with a 5month old and are wondering where the best supermarket is for baby food, nappies etc? We are… Read more

Georgina July 21, 2017 answer

I am looking for a places to explore outside of Tallinn (Viivikonna etc). Can you recommend some places? Also i am w… Read more

Niina July 18, 2017 answer

Hi, we are a bunch of 12 architects and would love to be shown around in Tallinn. So we are looking for an architecture… Read more

Chrysta July 10, 2017 answer

We would love to be shown around From Fr. 29.9. / 30.9.17, for 2 days Topics I would like to discuss 3 buildings… Read more

Chrysta July 10, 2017 answer

Hello, guys! Do you know a handyman in Tallinn? I need one urgently. I'm in Kadriorg neighborhood. Thank you!

Lorena July 10, 2017 answer

Is there a need to have air conditioning in our renting apartment during July-August in Tallinn ?

lior July 8, 2017 answer

Hi! I'm planning to go to Tallinn in late September/early October and I was wondering how the weather usually is like t… Read more

I wish to find a nice place, but we arrive late (maybe not so late for Tallinn?) at like 10 10:30 pm on a Friday night.… Read more

Maya June 30, 2017 answer

My camera just broke so I ll try to find a "new" 2nd hand one. Do you guys know wheter there are some shops for that i… Read more

Francesco June 17, 2017 answer

I will arriving in Tallinn June 27. My plan is to travel around Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania before meeting my friend … Read more

Tina June 15, 2017 answer

Hello, may I ask what are the special gifts that I can buy in Tallinn and where can I get them? Thanks

Satoko June 15, 2017 answer

Two years ago my mom and sister toured Tallin with Like a Local and loved it. They went on a tour that went around the… Read more

Emily June 5, 2017 answer

Hi! I'm 21, French, and at the moment I'm working for a Finnish company but I try to trave on my week ends. This wee… Read more

Bastien May 31, 2017 answer

Can I book a sightseeing tour as a day trip to Helsinki from Tallinn?

Matthias May 28, 2017 answer

Is there a shop or market that sells original vintage or antique maps of Tallinn? No reproductions.

Matthias May 28, 2017 answer

Hi. I've just returned home after 5 wonderful days in Tallinn. I'd really like to leave s review for the Bona restauran… Read more

Clare May 27, 2017 answer

Does the market run in weekdays and it's open hour.

Lockhart May 23, 2017 answer

I have feeling to go out tonight someone have the same feeling tonight even if is monday??

Marco May 22, 2017 answer

Hi, we´re two guys visiting Tallin on a monday and muesday. Are there any good pubs,clubs or bars which are open on mo… Read more

Kai May 8, 2017 answer

I am new here with my 2 year old baby in tallinn, i want to buy a used baby stroller for her, but i do not know where c… Read more

yu May 6, 2017 answer

Where could I pick nurmenukk near Tallinn?

Evan May 5, 2017 answer

Hello :)) I wonder is there any cool market specially for designers (accessories, fashion, etc) , that You can advi… Read more

Louise May 4, 2017 answer

Hello, me and my friend are coming to Tallinn this weekend. I just found out that on Sunday there's going to be Walpurg… Read more

Martina April 26, 2017 answer

Hey here is a new arrival, could anyone recommend a good dinner at:around old town? --( not the fancy tourist one? :-… Read more

xia April 26, 2017 answer

Hello! Does anyone, by any chance know, where it would be possible to watch football in Tallinn, where it wouldn't be t… Read more

Olga April 19, 2017 answer

Anyone here who knows if any bars/clubs show ESC on big screen (or having an ESC party) in Tallinn on the 13th of May? … Read more

Martin April 18, 2017 answer

Hello Friends, Looking for someone to help me find where I can experience extreme swinging, Kiiking I think its call… Read more

Beth April 10, 2017 answer

Hello friends, My friend and I will be visiting Tallinn for the first time April 25-27. Of course we want to che… Read more

velvet April 8, 2017 answer

Iam her in Tallinn for 2 nights and i am alone, so I just want to know good places to go in the night ? Bars og night… Read more

Enees April 8, 2017 answer

Hello All, My name is Lauren and we are making a travel series for a UK Channel 5 production called Cruising with Ja… Read more

Beth April 7, 2017 answer

Hi, Who can Help with planning a Bachelor Party in Tallinn. Thanks

Looking for an original nice restaurant with a nice atmosphere(don´t have to expencive) and good drinks in the Vanalinn… Read more

Geir March 24, 2017 answer

I'm a journalist and photographer from Canada specialized in streetart. I'll be in Tallinn in June. I would like to kn… Read more

Nickie March 13, 2017 answer

Traveling to Tallinn on April (5-6). What would be the best time of the day to visit the Toompea Hill?

Edward March 9, 2017 answer

Can you get to rooftops of some skyscraper hotels for free or do they just have rooftop bars for which you have to pay?… Read more

lkjhg March 6, 2017 answer

I'm looking for a good and professional hairdresser in Tallinn. The price should be not too expensive (not more than 40… Read more

C February 11, 2017 answer

Hello all, I only have one day in Tallinn on Monday before going to Tartu. What should I not miss? Any vegan/gluten-fr… Read more

Hindi February 3, 2017 answer

Hello! I'm interested about design events in Estonia, where new designers can participate! And what's worth it! I … Read more

Louise January 20, 2017 answer

Wondering if Silk Cut (purple) or Rothman's Red or Blue King size cigarettes are available in Tallinn. Also are there l… Read more

Stan January 15, 2017 answer

I'm planning (if accepted) to go to Tallinn University in the fall. Can't tell if there's any surfers (longboard) ther… Read more

Stan January 14, 2017 answer

Is there any good go-kart places in Tallinn? Thank you in advance!

Barbara January 12, 2017 answer

We are going to have a 2-day-road trip by car from Tallinn. We are planning to visit Paldiski, Rummu ... Is there any … Read more

Barbara January 6, 2017 answer

Hi! Where can watch football? Preferably in English.

Aziz December 2, 2016 answer

Hello everyone, does anyone know where to have good pierogi (maybe not too expensive) in Tallinn? Thanks a lot =)

Laura November 16, 2016 answer

Where can we get the best pelmeeni? We do like Troika's pelmeni but not service... we are willing to travel to get them… Read more

Tylle November 14, 2016 answer

Hi!! I read on Internet about Christmas village in Pringi, or Rannarahva joululaat viimsis, anyone says anything? I'd l… Read more

Erika November 12, 2016 answer

Hi, Please recommend nice place for coffe and dessert and good food restaurant for lunch/dinner. Many thanks :) … Read more

Kristina October 29, 2016 answer

Hey, will there be any cool new year parties in Tallinn? :)

Kristina October 28, 2016 answer

Hi. I m Swedish and will be Visiting Tallin for the first time. I love to hear new music. It can be weird, just as long… Read more

Carl October 27, 2016 answer

Where can I buy used sporting equipment? I am looking for hockey equipment.

Evan October 25, 2016 answer

Hello everyone, I have just moved to Tallinn for a couple of months and was taken aback by the lack of drugstores (w… Read more

Inna September 21, 2016 answer

Hello everyone, I am going to be spending this September and October in Tallinn. I'd love to find a couple of dive b… Read more

Inna September 11, 2016 answer

Hello I am spending only one day in Tallinn later this month and would like your suggestions on a) the main things no… Read more

Neil September 6, 2016 answer

hi, basque couple to stay 3 days in Tallinn in late september.2 more days left.Lahemaa or Saremaa? thanks

Iñaki September 2, 2016 answer

Hi there, I am heading to Tallinn in September, solo female traveller staying in Kalamaja, just would like to know if i… Read more

Rosie August 27, 2016 answer

Hello all, I must plan a large conference in Tallinn and am searching for restuarants serving good food and local cuisi… Read more

Ben August 20, 2016 answer

Hi, We're 9 people going to Tallinn in september. What are the best restaurant to eat if we like burgers - pizza - … Read more

Ole August 8, 2016 answer

Hello everyone! I would like to know the best way to move in Estonia and between Estonia and Latvia? Bus? Car rental?… Read more

Sofia August 5, 2016 answer

What can you suggest.. we like teleskivi, drink ! Etc want to go further out of centre but not pirita cos know that

shirl August 5, 2016 answer

Hi! What hipstery place would you recommend for 30+ old people for having a drink on Tuesday evening?

Jānis July 25, 2016 answer

Hi, I would like to know if there are some estonians graphists (illustrators) I must know and where to find their work… Read more

Joardo July 25, 2016 answer

Are there forests that I can go to with public transport from Tallinn?

Evan June 28, 2016 answer

There's so many new spots to eat in Telliskivi that I haven't been able to visit all of them yet. Has anyone eaten some… Read more

Ülane June 15, 2016 answer

What's a good place to have a dinner that isn't fancy nor a tiny portion for a high price?

Evan June 8, 2016 answer

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