Hi, Where are the best cafes to get breakfast in Old Town?

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By Alysa Traveller July 5, 2018

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2 answers

Some of my favourites are:
Cafe August https://www.likealocalguide.com/tallinn/kohvik-august
Reval Cafe (multiple locations) https://www.likealocalguide.com/tallinn/reval-cafe-restaurant

There are also the following places which are a short walk away from the Old Town but worth going to:
Carmen Cafe https://www.likealocalguide.com/tallinn/carmen-cafe-rotermanni
Kuusk Hernesto https://www.likealocalguide.com/tallinn/kuusk-hernesto
Peps https://www.likealocalguide.com/tallinn/peps
Kris Local Guru July 6, 2018
Hello Alysa,

Tasty and classical breakfast (near Old Town) in Freedom square - Cafe Wabadus and in old town (a bit more expensive but one of a kind is) - Cafe Rukis Viru 11.
Venue, creat coffe and amazing sweets + Breakfast (only in weekends) at Maiasmoka cafe Pikk tänav 16 !
Raina Local July 6, 2018