Where can I buy Veta clothing? Only in Tallin on cruise ship for a day.

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By Lesley Traveller August 24, 2018

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2 answers

Hi. There are two veta fashion shops in Tallinn. One in the Old Town, Pikk 8, and the other at Sõle 42.
Kirke Local August 24, 2018
Thanks are they easy to find
Yes, the one in The Old Town should be veey easy to find, because Pikk is the main street in there.
Kirke Local August 24, 2018
Thank you
All the info on Veta stores can be found here: https://vetafashion.com/veta-stores-in-estonia/
Kris Local Guru August 24, 2018
Thank you. On a cruise ship so hope to find something easily