Any bars where smoking is allowed?

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By Aziz Traveller November 22, 2016

I'm a smoking guy :)

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Chicago 1933 (Aia 3, in the Old Town) has a really nice cigar lounge on the second floor with a connected bar. You sould check it out!
Jarmo Local November 22, 2016
Thanks for advice! Really nice place!
Aziz Traveller December 2, 2016
Lounge Vintage Factory in Narva maantee 26 has a smoking room. The bar is pretty cool and not expensive :)
Cris Local November 24, 2016
Katrin Local November 22, 2016
Hey! There is a really cool bar where you can smoke in front of the fireplace. The place is on Lai street and is called "Koht" which means place in Estonian. Also the bar has the largest beer selection in town ;)
Agni Local November 22, 2016
Generally no, but I've seen in many cases that in this small local bar people smoke by the fireplace and it's sort of allowed :D https://likealocalguide.com/tallinn/koht-kuldne-lovi
Ülane Local Guru November 22, 2016
It is not allowed to smoke inside a bar, restaurant, cafe etc. This is an EU law. Most bigger places have a special smoking rooms and with smaller ones you have to go outside to smoke.
Kalev Local Expert November 22, 2016
Oh God! What are those bigger places?
Aziz Traveller November 22, 2016
I mean places that are not just tiny bars that have no extra space to build a smoking room. I don't know the exact spots that have smoking rooms and that don't since I don't smoke. But i think you'll be fine. Like I said, if they don't have a special room then you just need to go outside. But both options suck - it's cold outside in winter, but the smoking rooms are just small rooms full of smoke, it's not like a bar room where you can smoke and drink. It's just a tiny cabinet, so you just go there to smoke your cigarette.