Jõuluvana/Santa Claus/Father Christmas

By Traveller December 3, 2018

Jõuluvana/Santa Claus/Father Christmas

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By Stuart Traveller December 3, 2018

Hi, I would like to take my daughter to see Jõuluvana when in Tallinn in a couple of weeks. Does any one have a suggestion? Thanks in advance Stuart

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Hello Stuart.
For sure Town Hall Square has the most magical Christmas Market. And in Old Town there is a cool place to spot whit children - Kohvik Koogel Moogel. https://www.visittallinn.ee/est/turist/toitlustus/kohvikud/pid-177632/kohvik-koogel-moogel-piip-ja-tuut-mangumajas

But in December this year Santa Claus will be also visit the Baltic Station Market! https://www.facebook.com/events/555567054890405/
All small and big children are welcomed and If You share a poem or a song , Santa Claus will share some candy and he accepts Christmas wishes on the spot; which will be sent by the Balti Jaama market to Santa Claus home to Lapland.
Near Balti Jaam there is a great family restaurant Kniks ja Kraaps - they have childrens menu and playground.
Have a happy Christmas time!
Local December 4, 2018
Hi Raina, thank you for this helpful information. Best wishes Stuart
Town Hall Square of Tallinn has Christmas Market and there is also santa, who gives candy if you can tell him some christmas rhymes. Raekoja plats 1 is the address.
Local December 3, 2018
Hi Tiina, I look forward to taking her. Thank you. If you can make any other suggestions of places to visit or eat I would be most grateful. Stuart