How do most of the museums work from 30, December till 2, January?

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By Mary Traveller November 24, 2016

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3 answers

Everything's usually closed on the 1st of Jan.
Paula Traveller November 26, 2016
Dec 30 - everything should be open
Dec 31 - most places should be open, but might close couple of hours earlier
Jan 1 - everything is closed
Jan 2 - normally would be open, but this year it's Monday, and most of the museums are closed on Mondays during low season, so probably closed.

For specific museums I would still recommend to check it out from their websites for Dec 31 & Jan 2.
Kalev Local Expert November 24, 2016
Thanks for the answer!
Mary Traveller November 27, 2016
December 30th is a regular Friday, so all museums should work normally. December 31st is a pre-holiday day, which means museums might close early (or some may be closed all day).

Practically everything in Estonia is closed on January 1st, which is a public holiday. Also Sunday, January 2nd is probably a quiet one with only a few places open.
Jarmo Local November 24, 2016
Thank you!
Mary Traveller November 27, 2016
Oops, I just noticed a mistake: January 2nd is a Monday, not a Sunday. :)
Jarmo Local November 28, 2016