Outdoor Smoke Sauna near Tallinn?

By Traveller January 9, 2019

Outdoor Smoke Sauna near Tallinn?

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By Alasdair Traveller January 9, 2019

We are four people from Scotland travelling to Tallinn in February. We would like to visit an outdoor smoke sauna if possible, somewhere in the woods or near a lake. Is there somewhere affordable that is accessible from Tallinn? We are interested in places accessible by public transport or with a tour guide. Many thanks, Alasdair

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It is on the viking village near Kose. It is about 50km to the south from Tallinn.
Please wrote or call them. :)

Local January 11, 2019
Great, thank you very much.

In Tallinn one option in SPA center https://spahotellavendel.ee/sauna-ja-loogastuskeskus/
Other option https://www.puhkaeestis.ee/et/rangi-saun-tallinnas
They are not in the nature.
These places are 40-60 km outside from Tallinn
You can try to go there by taxi (Uber, Taxify) not by public transport.

Local January 9, 2019
Thank you, much appreciated.
Hello Alasdair, there are many Smoke Saunas available but for sure a very special one is in Viikingite Küla.


Its 15 minutes from Tallinn and You can get there by bus and it will take You infront of the village.
For sure it will be something to remeber!

Local January 9, 2019
Brilliant, thank you!