Hi i heard that Lahemaa park is great but is it worth going in winter? (Dec)

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By Kim Traveller December 3, 2016

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4 answers

It's beautiful there at any time of the year. It's worth seeing especially in the winter beacause the views are just breathtaking! When you go there definitely climb the lookout, you could just sit thre for hours and enjoy the overview of the bog!
Johanna-Aurelia Local December 3, 2016
Hello! There are a lot of beautiful places there also in winter. It is super peaceful and beautiful, but I guess it depends what you're looking for, since it's not exactly exciting.
Marita Local December 3, 2016
Sometimes it's even better in the winter (if it's a rainy winter) or when the snow is melting and floods.
In Lahemaa national park you might be even able to go canooying in the forest! Worth googling ;)
Elery Local December 17, 2016
Definitely worth if you love nature and want to see the Estonian countryside. Every season is different and winter has it's own magic. Many foreigners seem to be afraid of snow and cold but actually the wintery landscapes are truly amazing and in deep winter you can do things like walk on the sea (yes the sea freezes here) and other weird things.

Unless you want to rent a car and drive on the snowy roads yourself, you can book a tour to Lahemaa and tour it with a small group:
Kalev Local Expert December 3, 2016