Where can I experience an Estonian dessert? I love desserts and sweets!

By Traveller July 3, 2019

Where can I experience an Estonian dessert? I love desserts and sweets!

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By Mark Traveller July 3, 2019

I will arrive in Tallinn in the late afternoon of July 4, 2019.

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If you want to taste something truely Estonian (meal, dessert, maybe even kama drink) then you can do it in the Open Air Museum. There they have a tavern where you can do so. Also whole museum is something worth to visit.

My own favorite cafe is Buxhöven in Nõmme market. You can get there with a train that leaves from Balti Jaam pretty much every half an hour or so (sometimes more often, sometimes less frequently). All trains that go to Pääsküla, Keila, Klooga-Ranna, Riisipere and Paldiski stops there. Buxhöven is famous fir their cinnamon buns but cakes there are also just amazing.
Local July 4, 2019
Thank you, Margus!
Hi Mark,

Pls check out Oivaline.ee , it may not be traditional Estonian dessert but they have some mouth watering desserts. You can check out their website & Instagram Pg.

Oivaline Tervislik Tort, Tööstuse 47b, Tallinn.

Contact no.+372 688 9599

Let me know your feedback. I will be moving to Tallinn in end aug & I look forward to trying out this place.

Monali Mitra
Local July 3, 2019
Thank you, Monali!
For cakes and such I would recommend Ristikheina cafe in Northern part of Tallinn and in the Baltic railway station market (Balti Jaama Turg) or Gustav Cafe in Solaris shopping centre and elsewhere. You can find them on Google, for sure. Not sure if they are quite Estonian desserts, as such, though.

As an Estonian dessert I cannot think anything more Estonian than mannavaht/mannakreem (semolina cream/foam, I guess in English) served with milk. It's more of a home-made dish than anything served in cafes/restautants, so not sure even where to look for it...
Local July 3, 2019
Thank you, Priit!