Travel from Tallinn to Riga.

By Traveller July 21, 2019

Travel from Tallinn to Riga.

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By Jesmin Traveller July 21, 2019

We will be spending 3 days in Tallinn, after which we have 2 days to visit Riga. We are thinking of taking the Tallinn-Riga sightseeing tour (12 hours to Riga), stay overnight in Riga, and return to Tallinn the next day on the Lux Express. Is this a good way to handle the trip?
Thank you for your suggestions.

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There are other companies as well. and if you choose LuxExpress, then get off at Latvija hotel in the center. Will see Art Nouveau district, good view from the hotel top and avoid filthy bus station.
And instead of Riga I would recommend Vilnius instead - heart of the Europe, geografical center. Reasonable prices, good food and baroque architecture. Riga has unfortunately changed from neat place into overrated, overcharged, campy, hipsterhell :( Vilnius is easygoing and hearty, follows the good old times.
Local July 22, 2019
We would love to visit Vilnius, but are limited by time. But we will definitely check out the view from Latvija Hotel. Thank you.
I would also recommend this tour. Starts from every day at 12 from Rainis monument on Esplanade and ends near Freedom monument. Also I have lived and studied history in Riga and took this tour only couple of months ago, I found it very interesting and informative. I recommend!
That's perfect. Will definitely do that. I should be able to get our itinerary together this weekend and will post for everyone's comments and suggestions.
I have put together a tentative itinerary. Would love some feedback.

Aug 16 - arrive in Helsinki airport at 10 am
Aug 16-17 - Helsinki
Aug 18 - take bus to Porvoo, return in the evening.
Aug 19 - ferry to Talinn
Aug 20 - day trip to Tartu
Aug 21-23 - Tallinn (my husband has a conference)
Aug 24-25 - Riga
Aug 26 - flight from Riga to Helsinki, leave from Helsinki.
Any suggestions for a hotel or airbnb in Riga? We have an early morning flight on Aug 26th so some place that is easy to get to the airport. Would it be worthwhile to spend 1 night downtown and the next night near the airport? Although I would prefer both nights in the same place.
Totally agree with Andres!
Local Expert July 21, 2019
Great. Once I plan the whole itinerary, I'll post it online for comments. Thank you.
I'd say it's the best way to do this. The sightseeing tour gives you good understanding of the countries and also a good chance to see the countryside. While the Lux Express is good way to travel between the cities fast and comfy.
Local July 21, 2019
Thanks so much for the quick response.