Where to see nature and forests around tallinn?

By Traveller August 21, 2019

Where to see nature and forests around tallinn?

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By An Inactive User Traveller August 21, 2019

I have extra day as i finished what i want to see in the city. I would love to do something for tomorrow (thursday) such as for entire day and come back in night to catch my flight next morning.
I enjoy nature and saw that estonia have very majestic forests and countryside and would love to come closer to see,
I also love to see remains of soviet era too.

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Hello there,

Sorry for being late, but if you can now, then just nearby (evensay in Tallinn) there's nice green place called Suur-Paljassaare poolsaar (peninsula). Situated in north Tallinn. You can hike there (track is around 6 km) and just enjoy the great view over Tallinn. There's a bench (5-6 m high) at the top of the peninsula.

By the way, this peninsula was once an island :-)

Enjoy! :-)

Local August 22, 2019
Please see the following webpage https://www.loodusegakoos.ee/kuhuminna/voimaluste-otsing you might find something from there (nature).
For soviet times - maybe to visit Naissaar or Loksa area, but it might be hard to get there. For visiting Loksa you need to hire a car. There should be boats to Naissaar - also day trips, see more https://www.infosys.ee/kajsamoor/booking/ship_booking.php?o=kajsamoor&type=3&LC=1&cal=98
Local August 21, 2019
You can even download the new app for the forest hikes, even better than the web-page as shows on the map as well: https://www.rmk.ee/organisation/rmk-mobile-app
Hi, there is a nice walking area in Pirita. People usually do some running or walking there and the spot has a feel like in the country :) Also nice to visit rose garden by the Presidents castle and Japanese garden near by.
To get to go outside of town to see nature is doable. For example catch a train from the Balti Jaam and go to Aegviidu, there are really awesome roads to walk around in nature. Trains go in almost every 30 min. and the drive is abouet 45-50 min. Elron train tickets you could get from this site or by Balti Jaama train station https://elron.pilet.ee/et/results/Tallinn/Aegviidu/2019-08-22
Have a nice time!
Local August 21, 2019