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By Stan Traveller January 14, 2017

I'm planning (if accepted) to go to Tallinn University in the fall. Can't tell if there's any surfers (longboard) there (see there's at least one surf shop. Saw the golf courses but I play hickory golf using genuine hickory wood clubs made in Scotland before 1925 and am a member of the Society of Hickory Golfers here in the US. Know there are groups in Sweden, Denmark and France - not sure about Estonia.
Finally, anyone know about farmhouses for lease that might have a barn to convert to studio (i'm into film making).
Any help would be great. All the best and Cheers Stan Spring

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Estonia is not really the place for longboard surfing, not enough waves. But we have a lot of wind, so kitesurfing and windsurfing are popular.

About golf, try asking from the Estonian Golf Federation (http://www.golf.ee/), they definitely know.

About farmhouses. No one really rents farmhouses here publicly for long term. If you want to film something, then the best would be to find someone who has a farmhouse with a barn that suits you or just drive to countryside and talk to people. You would need someone who speaks Estonian, though for that.
Kalev Local Expert January 14, 2017
Thanks so much. Right now I'm spending an hour a day trying to learn Estonian (https://www.keeleklikk.ee) I can speak passable French and Spanish but in some respects Estonian reminds me of Russian. Spaseeba!
Stan Traveller January 14, 2017
Hahaa. It's totally-totally different from Russian. Actually English and Spanish have more similarities with Russian. Except that there are some words that have been taken over from the Russian, but those more specific and not really everyday conversation words.

Tänu. Loodan, et ma ei oleks võimalik kirjutada seda ilma google translate enne augustis. Cheers. Stan
Stan Traveller January 14, 2017