Is there someone who knows the streetart scene in Tallinn ?

By Traveller March 13, 2017

Is there someone who knows the streetart scene in Tallinn ?

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By Nickie Traveller March 13, 2017

I'm a journalist and photographer from Canada specialized in streetart. I'll be in Tallinn in June. I would like to know if there is a streetart/graffiti scene . I need to be informed in other to establish contacts with local. Thanks in advance.

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I don't know anyone in person, but it's quite big in Tartu. There is one guy who is kinda like the Banksy of Estonia, he is called Edward von Lõngus. You can try to contact him through his faceboop page, maybe you could get some contacts through there. The facebook page is:
Local Expert March 13, 2017
Aitäh Kalev. I will try to contact Edward for sure.
I have a Scotish friend who lives here and is somewhat familiar with it. He is also a photografer and shoots those scenes.
Local Ambassador March 13, 2017
OK great. Could you introduce me to your friend ?
Let me ask him
Ok Thank you in advance Martin.
he said Tartu is the place to go and thats where the movement is...
Thank you. I already found many artists from the street art scene and I'm already in contact with them.