New places in Telliskivi?

By Traveller June 15, 2016

New places in Telliskivi?

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By Ülane Traveller June 15, 2016

There's so many new spots to eat in Telliskivi that I haven't been able to visit all of them yet. Has anyone eaten something interesting and delicious there in a spot that hasn't been open for very long?

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3 answers

I have tried falafel from one of the containers there, which was good and have heard good words about "Peatus" situated in the old trains behind the containers.
Local Expert July 29, 2016
Even sadder to answer my own question.
Local July 18, 2016
well, but maybe the two of us should get together...?
Nobody wants to answer my question. So sad.
Traveller July 18, 2016