Looking to book a 4 hr private tour 6/27...

By Traveller June 5, 2017

Looking to book a 4 hr private tour 6/27...

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By Emily Traveller June 5, 2017

Two years ago my mom and sister toured Tallin with Like a Local and loved it. They went on a tour that went around the city as well as out to the prison. This time my mom is taking me and my two children (13 & 12). I would love to book a tour starting at around 9am on June 27th. Can someone help me?

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Yes sure. You can look around this site for local guides or write to tallinn@traveller.ee and they can arrange you a local guide.
Local Expert June 15, 2017
Hi, Emily.
You can have a look at these tours:

3h walking tour, starting time flexible, also possible to extend it:

5h walking + car tours, starting time flexible, also possible to make it a bit shorter:

The prison is not accessible anymore, it was closed down last year, because of the conditions and lack of security.
Local Expert June 5, 2017
Write a reply...Would it be possible to book a local guide for 3-4 hours from 9-noon(ish) that would be able to customize something for us on June 27th?