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By שרית Traveller August 17, 2016

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The main flee market is right now under renovation, but there's a smaller version of it right behind the Balti Jaam train station, right outside of old town.

Also, Telliskivi (https://www.likealocalguide.com/tallinn/telliskivi-creative-city) hosts flee markets on Saturday, but they might not happen every week. The next big one is on 27.08.2016

There's also some kind of flea market next to the D-Terminal, but I have never been there: http://megakirbukas.eu/index.php/asukoht.html
Kalev Local Expert August 17, 2016
Yep, totally plan to go to the big flea market festival on the 27th.
Others answered already about the flee market, but you can check also POP Kirbubutiik, which is a great second hand shop, where people can rent a space to sell their clothes. Located in the city centre :)
Mariann Local August 18, 2016

I do not know flea markets in Tallinn very well, unfortunately. I'm sure that someone else is able to help you with that information :)

Reet Local August 17, 2016
The flee market question has been covered but if you are interested in second hand shops, there are plenty. For example, check the US2U second hand (accross the street from Tallinn University), Paavli kaltsukas (Paavli 6).
Susanna Local August 17, 2016