Christmas tree farm in or near Tallinn?

By Local November 29, 2017

Christmas tree farm in or near Tallinn?

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By Lorianne Local November 29, 2017

We're looking for a place to purchase a fresh Christmas tree in or near Tallinn now. We don't want to wait until Christmas day as I understand most Estonians do. Any ideas?

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You can also buy a permit and go to the forest and cut down your own tree.
More in here (in Estonian):
Local November 29, 2017
That would be such a cool experience for you also :)
Ülane Traveller November 30, 2017
Hi Lorianne!

You can order them with a delivery: < don't know these guys but someone suggested it in expats group once.

My favorite way is to check RMK and purchase a tree from them. You get a permit and then can go to the forest by yourself and pick your tree :)
- website is in EE and RUS but hopefully you manage:
- prices can be found here:

Bigger shopping malls will have the trees and they usually start selling after the 1st advent. Fake ones are on sale already, like in Jysk or Bauhaus.

Usually the best deals for real trees can be found at hardware/construction stores such as Bauhaus, Bauhof and K Rauta etc. Not sure exactly when they start selling them.
Local December 1, 2017
You can get the Christmas trees in front of many supermarkets in Tallinn. I think they are not yet open, but usually they open in the beginning of December, so maybe end of this week.

Check the locations:

Besides you can also get them from some of the construction and garden stores

Local Expert November 29, 2017
Hello, This post is about one year old but it might be relevant for someone else in the 2018. (:
One place that was not mentioned was https://www.jõ
The site is in Estonian but if you send a request for a Christmas tree in English or call them I'm sure they'll manage.
They also have a list of On-Site locations and prices on https://www.jõ

I've used their services recently and It was a pleasure dealing with them.
Local November 15, 2018