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At the Seaplane Harbor you'll have the chance to enter a submarine, probably for the first time in your life. You can see, touch with your small fingers our ships, weapons, mines etc.

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I'm working as a tour guide, mainly makings tours for cruise ships, but also private ones. I'm Estonian orthodox, this is a reason, l really know much about Christianity and our churches. I love hiking and nature, and by the way, we have amazing nature and hiking roads, so if you stay here longer, you have to go to discover them. I love to make sports, read books, travel and meet new people.

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  • Submarine Lembitu
  • Maasilinn ships
  • icebreaker Suur-Tõll


The Seaplane Hangars at the Seaplane Harbour accommodate the Lembit submarine, built in 1937 by the British Vickers–Armstrongs shipyard; a Short 184 seaplane; the Maasilinn ship (i.e. the oldest sunken ship discovered in Estonia’s waters); and numerous other genuine items, like sail ships, boats and naval mines.

Besides that, there are the MARU restaurant and a museum shop, cinema rooms, simulators, children’s area and much more. In parallel with the permanent exhibition, the museum offers various seasonal exhibitions on maritime affairs or maritime history.

There is a playground for children and a functioning port in the outdoor space, which also hosts the Suur Tõll icebreaker and other museum ships.

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