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Fun running tour of Tallinn
Nice run that went through parks and the beach. A long run so make sure you are r day for distance.
Running Tour of Tallinn
Absolutely great experience even for locals
We had an amazing time at the Conspiracy in Soviet Tallinn city game - everything from the booking until the end ran very smoothly and we had loads of fun. Even though being from Estonia and thus a bit more familiar with Tallinn, our group of 4 had loads of fun! The game was very well-planned and just challenging enough, keeping us active and thinking the whole time, yet it wasn't too hard so that we would have to ask for hints all the time. The game exceeded everyone's expectations: everything from the spy tools and gadgets provided to us to the locations where the game took us.Very very much recommended for everyone looking to have some fun and discover more of Tallinn old town.
Conspiracy in Soviet Tallinn: a city game
Friendly, kindness, and deeply understanding explanation
The staff was well-known about not only his Estonian IT company, but also European IT business. I got information about my interest very much, what technological trying in Estonia is currently. He also introduced Riga in Latvia's start up information that is my next destination. That was so interesting time.
Explore the Startup Scene in Tallinn
Great fun!
Kalev is a chilled-out and patient instructor and the whole experience was great! I am not the most coordinated and sporty person and I managed not to fall off the board during our few-hour trip around the Pirita River bend. Not sure how I would have coped with the sea, but coming back the river was also quite windy/wavey, and we still stayed on our boards, enjoying the sunset and beautiful views to the Pirita Harbour and the Baltic Sea.
Stand Up Paddle Boarding on Tallinn Bay or Pirita River
Very fun and informative
Running is always a good way to know the place you visited for the first time. Of course, you should know where to run and not to run for safety reasons. Then, here is the running tour for you. Running with the local tour guide is the perfect solution. Highly recommended!
Running Tour of Tallinn
very good.
When you visited Tallinn, and only see the Old Town, New Town and as such in regular guidebooks, you have seen only the half aspect of the city, or maybe you missed 80% of it. What you should really see is its startup scene, which has been the most leading tech community in the world. George, the tour guide, was very informative and helpful, that made my experience profound. Highly recommended!
Explore the Startup Scene in Tallinn
True KGB experience
Room Escape Game in Tallinn: KGB Room
George was very kind.
We only understood Japanese, did a wonderful attendance. The possibility of Estonia's startup is wonderful.
Explore the Startup Scene in Tallinn
Amazing experience
George is very nice and known in the start-upper's community, he adapted our tour to my specific needs :) Thanks again,
Explore the Startup Scene in Tallinn
Interesting trip
George is a nice guide. He is kind and friendly. He handled the tour well though the booking was at short notice. The tour was very good. I got a variety of information about Estonia’s innovative scenes and felt the actual atmosphere.
Explore the Startup Scene in Tallinn
Exiciting tour
Jana and George have networks to startups. We had a tour to TransferWise. People at TransferWise are so kind and the tour was so exciting. Thank you!
Explore the Startup Scene in Tallinn
Incredible insight into the startup environment
George has a great network and took me completely by surprise, offering one of the best tours I have ever experienced. I highly recommend this tour, regardless of your interest for ''startups''. This scene is what will define Estonia in years to come. I also recommend doing this tour AS SOON AS POSSIBLE because George will help you find out about what is going on in town during the remainder of your stay.
Explore the Startup Scene in Tallinn
Beer for colleaques
Nice facility, good guide, good beer. I recommend!
Estonian Craft Beer Tasting & History in Tallinn
Nice infos with tasty beer
The afternoon with martin was very nice. He told us the stories behind the beers we tasted. From blonde to dark beer was all there. Our group enjoyed this event and can recommend it to everyone.
Estonian Craft Beer Tasting & History in Tallinn
Amazing morning run
Amazing run through Tallinn in the morning. Toomas was a great guide. He adapted the run to the agreed pace and distance. While running he also told interesting things about all the wonderful things we saw.
Running Tour of Tallinn
Exellent running in the pace that we requested
Next time bring belt to put in phone to take photo"s
Running Tour of Tallinn
Informative and fascinating discussion about start-up activity in Tallinn as well as innovation processes in general.
Explore the Startup Scene in Tallinn
Impressive Tour!
I strongly recommend this tour if you want to interview or chat with StartUP members. George did the very impressive introduction for us to understand the background, and he brought us the fantastic opportunity to meet up the team members who works in startup company.
Explore the Startup Scene in Tallinn
So much fun!
We came as part of a stag party. The whole experience was really well run and organised. Booked online beforehand, with no hassle. The experience gets the adrenaline going especially as the bomb ticks ever closer to the detenation! The clues were set at the perfect difficulty and really got us working together. The staff on hand was well spoken, very polite and rounded off a great experience. Would thoroughly recommend!!
Room Escape Game in Tallinn: Bomb Room
Nice memory
I didn't join this tour myself as I bought this as a gift for couple who were in Tallinn in their honeymoon. But based on feedback they gave me afterwards this was really nice tour and great memories from Tallinn. Ernest has been really great and he even picked the couple from their hotel when they were running late on their schedule because of traffic. He is flexible and easy to communicate with. Also he seems to be really nice and easy-going guy who is good photographer. Recommend this tour for others also!
Tallinn Old Town Photo Shoot Tour

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