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Excellent way to explore the city
Running with Toomas was an excellent way to not only train for my half-marathon, but explore the wider area of Tallinn that I would not have seen in my short time there. His knowledge of the land is impressive, he's very kind and trustworthy. Wish I could go back!
Running Tour of Tallinn
A lot of knowledge
Explanation of all the beers in combination with tour visiting local pubs was great
Estonian Craft Beer Tasting & History in Tallinn
Best way to see the city
I had an absolutely fantastic time running with Toomas. He asked me if he could bring his dog and I said of course, and that was a great decision- his dog is awesome, and kept me entertained the whole run. We saw large parts of the city I never would have been able to see in such a short trip, and it was beautiful. We ran at a great pace for me, with a couple quick water/snack breaks (and a couple photo breaks), and he was easily able to accommodate my requested distance. Usually I just try to figure out a route on my own when I'm in a new city, but this was great- I didn't have to spend any time looking at my map trying to figure out where I was or deciding if somewhere was safe, etc. Highly, highly recommend doing this.
Running Tour of Tallinn
Running tour of Tallinn
Toomas met me on time in the lobby of my hotel. He guided me on a 9k run (my pace and my desired distance). This is the best way I know to get s feel for the layout of an unfamiliar city. Toomas shared a lot of info in the time we ran.
Would highly recommend Toomas to other solo travellers like myself or small groups wanting an active but informative experience.
Running Tour of Tallinn
Fun running tour of Tallinn
Nice run that went through parks and the beach. A long run so make sure you are r day for distance.
Running Tour of Tallinn
Very fun and informative
Running is always a good way to know the place you visited for the first time. Of course, you should know where to run and not to run for safety reasons. Then, here is the running tour for you. Running with the local tour guide is the perfect solution. Highly recommended!
Running Tour of Tallinn
Beer for colleaques
Nice facility, good guide, good beer.
I recommend!
Estonian Craft Beer Tasting & History in Tallinn
Nice infos with tasty beer
The afternoon with martin was very nice. He told us the stories behind the beers we tasted. From blonde to dark beer was all there. Our group enjoyed this event and can recommend it to everyone.
Estonian Craft Beer Tasting & History in Tallinn
Amazing morning run
Amazing run through Tallinn in the morning.

Toomas was a great guide. He adapted the run to the agreed pace and distance. While running he also told interesting things about all the wonderful things we saw.
Running Tour of Tallinn
Exellent running in the pace that we requested
Next time bring belt to put in phone to take photo"s
Running Tour of Tallinn
Great run, great guy.
I had a great morning run with Toomas. He is a friendly, knowledgable guy who is easy to talk to. Showed me around some of the beautiful outdoors of Tallinn at a nice pace.
I definitely recommend him!
Running Tour of Tallinn
Great experience! Highly recommended
We had a great time learning about beer and tasting it. Martin is very knowledgeable and entertaining. Definitely worth it!
Estonian Craft Beer Tasting & History in Tallinn
Great solo running tour!
I did a running tour with Toomas and lucky me, I was the only guest! Toomas was accommodating to my pace and distance. I was lucky enough to see some sights I would not have seen otherwise. I asked a lot of questions and he was able to answer all of them. Would definitely recommend.
Running Tour of Tallinn
Beer tasting
Excelent quide and very good beers!
Estonian Craft Beer Tasting & History in Tallinn
Great beer tasting!
The guide was very knowledgeable and friendly and we had chats about lots of stuff, not just beer. A great event and I recommend it.
Estonian Craft Beer Tasting & History in Tallinn
Very nice!
Estonian Craft Beer Tasting & History in Tallinn
Very instructive and fun, I'd learn a lot about Estonian Crafts beers and about Estonia. The beers was good and I really enjoy them.

I warmly recommend this activity if you're into crafts beers.
Estonian Craft Beer Tasting & History in Tallinn
An amazing experience!
Martin was fun and entertaining guide.
We had a great afternoon on a beer tasting and
I can recommend this to anyone.
Estonian Craft Beer Tasting & History in Tallinn
A fun friday night
The beer tasting with Martin was a really fun experience for the locals and our visitors from different countries, a real eye-opener for craft beers.
We really enjoyed the evening program and how it was set up. The interesting facts about different brewing styles and "Tujurikkuja" videos were a really good addition to just tasting the beers. And the variety of the beers, I am sure that everyone found their favourite, even the non-beer drinkers. And if not, Martin had a solution for them as well.
With all that energetic and positive vibe that Martin gave out, it was a really great night and a sure thing to recommend.
Estonian Craft Beer Tasting & History in Tallinn
Impressive & funny guide an with amazing reportoar off tastefull beers
Estonian Craft Beer Tasting & History in Tallinn

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