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Estonian Craft Beer Tasting & History

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Get to know Estonian beer beyond the big-name brands with a local beer enthusiast/home brewer! Taste a handpicked selection of highly rated Estonian craft beers while learning about the styles, history, and culture of the world’s #1 alcoholic beverage.

Duration: 2 hours
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  • Estonian,
  • English
We took our team of 6 out beer tasting with Martin and learned a lot. He can speak about brewing to dummies like us and make it fun and interesting – using slides spiced with videos and a little bit of beer history from around the world. The selection of beers we tasted was varied and the amount just about right.
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Reviewed by Ülane


  • Taste top-ranked Estonian craft beers from small breweries
  • Learn about different beer styles and their origins
  • Get some basic knowledge about the beer-making process
  • Find out where to go for great beer and food in Tallinn
  • Hang out and have a laugh with a local beer enthusiast!

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I’m a local beer enthusiast and home brewer who secretly worked as a beer spy. I’ve been home brewing for over 5 years now, and have produced 200+ batches of beer. I’ve also tasted over 1500 different beers from all around the world. For the past few years I’ve been hosting beer tastings for friends, small teams and tour groups (up to 32 people).

Join me for a fun and informative tasting session and get to know Estonian beer beyond the boring big-name brands. I’ll introduce you to a handpicked selection of light and dark beers from a range of Estonian craft breweries, and teach you about beer styles, beer history, and beer culture.

Your private tasting takes place in a light-green and white two-story house just a 2-minute walk from Freedom Square. Come to the front door and ring the doorbell (name: Leola) or call me. I’m inside!

Within the house hides a big room with a huge oak beer table. The walls are decorated with colourful shields representing all Estonian fraternities and sororities.

Tastings can be held for groups of up to 30 people.

In the case of a same-day booking, please allow 2–3 hours of preparation time for your tasting. Thank you!

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What’s included & not included

  • Historical room with a massive oak table
  • Relaxed atmosphere
  • 7 different styles of Estonian craft beer
  • Water to cleanse the palate
  • Basic brewing knowledge
  • Slides of breweries and their beers
  • Bad jokes and dark humour
  • Snacks
  • Spit bucket
  • A negative attitude
  • Large brewery-style beers
  • Beer snobs

Meeting point

Your private tasting takes place in a light-green and white two-story house just a 2-minute walk from Freedom Square. Come to the front door and ring the doorbell (name: Leola) or call me. I’m inside! (Tatari 12, Tallinn)

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Martin knows about beer!
Me and my friends did a beer tasting with Martin when he used to run a small Malaysian wok place. He had a nice selection of local Estonian craft beer for us and he knows how to bring out their interesting sides and aftertastes. Always great to talk to him about the local beer scene!
Very informative and interesting!
My partner and I found the craft beer tasting on AirBnb while visiting in Tallinn in June. We met with the guide and were given a very interesting and informative brief on a few beers of Estonian. We learned not only about the beer, but the processes and also history of Estonia as a country. Our guide was very friendly, spoke easily to us and helped me taste beers I had always wanted to try. Between my partner and I, we split 7 beers over about 3 hours (we had a lot of funny stories to tell and hear told!)
Martin delivers everything he promises!
The beer was great from start to finish and there wasn't a dull moment during the whole time. Whether you are already into craft beer or not that much yet there will definitely be something for you. Even if you happened to know everything there is to know about craft beer I would recommend it just for the interesting dialogue and tasty beers. Don't miss out!
Craft Beer Tasting
Our group had a lot of fun, thank you!
Superb beer tasting course and Martin is a great host

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Great digital experience of craft beer tasting
Due to the health crisis the craft beer tasting took place in the digital format. I booked the experience which included 1h 30 min lecture and beer was shipped separately by Tanker beer factory.

There were 4 different beers from Tanker brewery introduced. I found that 2 of them were also available from stores but 2 were quite rare and not available from shops.

Martin gave overview of Tanker brewery and how each of these beers were made. Lecture took place through Zoom, it was possible to ask questions as well. My personal favorites are darker beers and ones which are more strong 6-7% alcohol - this tasting experience matched it well.

It was great experience for Friday evening for times when everything is currently closed down.
Väga lahe ja uudne kogemus
Soovitan proovida - online degustatsioon on väga huvitav ja uudne kogemus! Õlled olid ka loomulikult väga väga head ning läbiviija väga lahe
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