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Great way to explore the local culture
Insight into the local culture and history. Food was varied and great
Tallinn Food Tour through Kalamaja: 5 Venues
See the real Tallinn!
This was your was a fun way to see the city and get a personalized tour to learn about the history and current state of Tallinn and Estonia. Our guide, Leah, was knowledgeable and flexible sharing both the country/vity’s History but her own perspective as well. We had fantastic conversations over meals as well as feeling comfortable to stop along our rides to take photos or pop into a shop. If you only have a day to explore this wonderful, vibrant city, this tour is a must!
Tallinn Food & Bike Tour
Goede gids/ matig eten
De manier om de stad te leren kennen. Onze gids vertelde veel leuke verhalen over de stad. Eten was matig. Geen drankjes
Tallinn Food Tour through Kalamaja: 5 Venues
Tour with Silva
We got to try different Estonian dishes and drinks, saw many nice places, and got some interesting tips for planning the rest of our trip. Silva is funny, and her English is very good!
Tallinn Food Tour
Worthwhile outing -- plan to skip dinner that day.
Siim was a fantastic guide! Thoughtful, knowledgeable, kind and funny. Great selections in terms of our stops, and a nice pace to the activity. Highly recommend.
Tallinn Food Tour through Kalamaja: 5 Venues
Nice walk and informative tasting of a variety of estonian food
Meeting at Fat Margarets Tower, og Margarets Fat Tower as it should be called, we walked around in Kalamaja and outside the northwestern part of the old town.
We visited five places, which each gave us an idea of the local food culture. The guide was fantastic, nice, well formulated and informed us of the food culture and its background. plus many other things, and we could compare it to scandinavian and mediterranian food culture as well.(we were a small group from Denmark and Greece).
The last place provided a rare fantastic dessert with its own history.

They just need to be more specific about the meeting point.
They specified Pikk 70, which is at the maritime museum just inside the city gate, and Fat Margarets tower, just outside the city gate.

In spite of this minor detail, this tour is highly recommendable.

Pictures are of the FAT tower and a pastry place we visited.
Tallinn Food Tour through Kalamaja: 5 Venues
Liine is great!
We took this tour with our small team and it was really cool! You get to see very different places, from a small bakery to hipster places and everything in between. Liine is a wonderful guide and has a baker's diploma herself, so she loves food and cooking.
Tallinn Food Tour through Kalamaja: 5 Venues

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