Tartu City Guide: 93 Best Travel Tips from Tartu Locals

Supilinn in Tartu

Why locals love it

Supilinn district is built in the end of 19th century after the water level of Emajõgi river declined that it was possible to sell the land for poorer families and students. The area was and still has this bohemian vibe and it gives you a nice village feeling with its quiet swampy streets and wooden houses.

Why you should visit it

The land was plashy and cheap, but good place to plant vegetables in the gardens. Therefore they named the streets by vegetables, like Beans (Oa), Peas (Herne) and Potatoe (Kartuli). As a result, the distric was also named Supilinn that gives it a literal meaning - Soup Town.

Special tip

The funniest street name is Meloni (meaning melon, captain obvious). Go figure what kind of a soup uses melon.

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