Where to skate in Tartu?

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By Ksenia Local July 28, 2018

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Hi! There is a shopping centre little bit outside the town called Lounakeskus. There is an inside skate arena.
Tea Local July 29, 2018
Theres a skatepark in Tähtvere and then theres some other spots. Depends what are you looking for? If you want I can show you those also - one is for example in Annelinn that we did inthe end part of bicycle road. There some smal bumps and along the road there some spots where you could make trick if you want. Hope its helpfull enaugh for you!
Kerli Local July 29, 2018
Hi, that depends, there's a skate park Dropped Pin
near Tähtvere park, Tartu

https://goo.gl/maps/h4x7eRHd7DH2 and if u meant ice skating there's a ring in lõunakeskus (just Google it)
Tõnis Local July 28, 2018
Skate as in rollerblade or skate as in skateboard? Are you looking for a skatepark or good long stretches of asphalt?
Stepan Local July 28, 2018
Rollerblade, looking for nice asphalt preferably starting in old town and good of inexperienced rider ;)
The old town definitely doesn't have any good asphalt. There's a pretty decent route around the Anne Kanal, which is just across the river from the bus station. There's also good roads for long skating/biking on the edge of Tartu on the Jõhvi-Tartu-Valga and Kõrveküla-Tartu highways, for example.
Thanks, I'll try Anne Kanal.
since your there in Annelinn already go check out inside Annelinn the bicycle read as well. along the road there are some attractions for jups and some bumps as well. have fun!
Kerli Local August 8, 2018