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By Jānis Traveller May 3, 2017

What are the popular hipster places at the moment - where people go out to have a beer? I'm especially interested in Estonian craft beer from small indie microbreweries.
Second question - which place would you recommend for coffee and cakes? Is specialty coffee available somewhere?
I'm going to Tartu 4-6 May.

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There are two main places for craft beer - J.R.Schramm's Keller on the Rüütli street is the bigger one. It's right on the street where all of the pub life of Tartu is taking place.
My favourite is DeTolly Beer bar, though. It's a tiny beer bar with great selection of international and local beers. The staff is always friendly, knowledgeable and can recommend you stuff based on your preferences. Their snack selection is also better than Keller, in my opinion.
For coffee and cakes, definitely visit Werner. It's located near the town square and has great cake selection. For just coffee or a panini, step by Säde on the Rüütli street. For something a bit more special, consider visiting Karlova Kohv, located a bit out of the city centre. They roast their own beans. Barlova, a bar with a nice atmosphere, is located not far from it.
Stepan Local May 3, 2017
Thanks for the useful suggestions! Looking forward to visiting these places!
I'm back from Tartu and it was really wonderful! Karlova Kohv was definitely my favourite, the best coffee in town and home-made cakes and porridges! Somebody please write an article about it on Like A Local! Säde was quite good too, but the coffee was not so good as in Karlova and cakes were very small. Werner was not "my cup of tea". Tartu Coffeeling didnt have any cakes at all, seems they mostly operate as roasters, there were no people at all and they didn't have pour-over coffees.
As for the bars, I visited Barlova and Naiiv and they both had nice atmosphere and good selection of Estonian craft beers. I didn't want too big selection cos then it would be difficult to choose. I tried Pühaste, Lehe, Anderson, Purtse (very nice bottles and label designs!). Barlova seemed to be really loved by locals of Karlova, someone should write an article about it too.
The National museum was amazing! Dream of every nation. I also liked Supilinn neighbourhood and Botanical garden and walks along Emajogi. It's a pity Supilinn doesn't have any cool cafes.
In the Paper and Print museum in Aparaaditehas I made my own postcards of Tartu (in an old technique) - a very good idea for a souvenir!
Jānis Traveller May 8, 2017
Seems like you had great time!
The best specialty coffee is at Karlova Kohv, it's a bit further away from the centre, but in a really cosy neighbourhood, and the walk is definitely worth it. In the centre you could try Säde, it's decent coffee with a great atmosphere! And there's also one new place in Aparaaditehas called Tartu Coffeeling, I haven't tried it myself, but I've heard it's great. (Aparaaditehas in general is full of hipster eateries, design stores and overall great vibes).
Most bars serve craft beer, but the best ones are Naiiv on Vallikraavi street and J. R. Schramm'i Keller on Rüütli street.

Have fun!
Thanks a lot!!! I will definitely include these places on my list for the next 3 days!

I would also recommend the De Tolly bar. It is so well hidden that I was surprised to find it for the first time as a local quite recently, even though they have been open for years now! Seems to me like some serious beer geeks are running it, so you'll definitely get good recommendations. Keller has a more upscale / posh feel to it, prices are slightly higher than elsewhere, but it's a good option. Möku is definitely the most "hipster" of them all, with a decent selection of beers (also local craft beers on tap, a lot of the time) and a vegan diner attached. If you want to grab something to go (beer-wise) the Gambrinus beer shop in the old town is the place to go. As a side note: hands down the best (local to Tartu) breweries are Pühaste and Anderson. Põhjala is also heartily recommended.

As to coffee and cakes, my favorite place in the center is Säde. They do make good, strong coffee. Karlova Kohv is another place I haven't heard about, but sounds intriguing.
Tambet Local May 3, 2017
Craft beers you can find places like Arhiiv (it´s popular among hipsters and there´s lots of nice events and they´re usually free), really nice place is small bar called DeTolly õllebaar (beer bar) - barmen knows lots about beers and there´s plenty of them, especially from Estonian microbreweries, you just ask what kind of beer you like and you get it, also there´s Estonian cider; and there´s also Keller, which is bigger than previous two, but it´s also popular (to be honest, I haven´t visited that so much).

About coffe and cakes - definately go to Pierre´s, there´s like the best cakes and I believe, coffee is also nice (I´m more cocoa person, there´s really nice choice of them there too, like with chilli and raisins and rum). Other place is Werner, but it´s not so good as previous, but it´s popular and cakes are nice. Small choice of good cakes are also in Armastus cafe.
Tuule Local May 3, 2017
You can buy (and drink on location) small brewey beers in Sip shop, in Aparaaditehas (Kastani 42). It is a big old factory converted to a culture place. There is also a coffe roasting place there. And Aparaat - one of the three local restaorants there has super tasty cakes in their daily lunch offers. So all in one :)
Helen Local May 3, 2017
Speciality coffee is available at Karlova Kohv - the first organic coffee roasters in Estonia. They also serve porridges and baked goods. All very tasty - I know, as I work there. 😉
Laura Local May 3, 2017
Thanks, Karlova Kohv will be on my list!
Hi! Popular hipster places in Tartu- Möku Bar (address Magasini 5). Also Illegaard Bar (Link: http://www.illekas.ee), Kivi Bar (address Rüütli 13) and Keller, which is beer bar and has Tartu's largest selection of beers (more than 250 different beers and ciders). It is located at Rüütli 11. All these places are located in Tartu's old town and are popular beer bars. But if you walk in old town you can see many more bars that are popular, these are just my favourite ones.
For coffee and cake I would reccommend Säde cafe, address Rüütli 4 (you can find it from Facebook with the name "Säde kohviteek). Also Gustav cafe (all the information from here: http://www.gustavgastro.ee/tartu/en).
I'll hope you have a good time in Tartu!
Marleen Local May 3, 2017
Thanks a lot!!!
I would recommend Keller on Rüütli St for beer https://www.facebook.com/schrammikeller/?fref=ts .
There is a really wide range of different beers, including Estonian craft beers.
Best cakes are sold in Werner Cafe
(Ülikooli St) https://www.facebook.com/WernerCafe/?fref=ts
Every cafe offers usual cappucino, latte, espresso etc. Special coffee place called Karlova Kohv is situated on Tähe St: https://www.facebook.com/karlovakohv/?fref=ts
Mirjam Local May 3, 2017
For beer: J. R. Schramm'i Keller at Rüütli 11. At least 250 different sort of beers. Nice cozy place. For coffee and cakes for example Pierre in Townhall Square or Werner (the oldest cafe in Tartu) at Ülikooli 11 (close to the University of Tartu main building).
Tea Local May 3, 2017
You can buy (and drink on location) small brewey beers in Sip shop, in Aparaaditehas (Kastani 42). It is a big old factory converted to a culture place. There is also a coffe roasting place there. And Aparaat - one of the three local restaorants there has super tasty cakes in their daily lunch offers. So all in one :)
Helen Local May 3, 2017