Any possibility to visit Petseri Pechory kloostri from Tartu

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By Philippe Traveller May 21, 2017

We will stay for 4 days in Tartu & we intend to visit the Seto country; are their guides or tourist office organizing from Tartu visit to Setomaa including the Petseri / Pechory monastery in Russia?

Regards, Philippe (from Belgium)

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There is great place called TRESKI KÜÜN in Setumaa. There they have some things to do in Jaanipäev for sure. Or they can give you hints where to go near by there. As there is usually some sort of celebration on Midsummer day in almost every village and household. Hope You have fun time in Setumaa, nice destination!
Kerli Local May 23, 2017
The answer is yes and no. There is a bus line between Tartu and Petseri and it runs three times a day, but you will need a visa and applying it is quite time-consuming. Official trips to this area are also arranged, but they last usually quite long (3-5 days), because guided trips usually visit also Novgorod and Pskov. They are also arranged quite infrequently and you would still need a visa, so that's really not an option. There are no day trips or other easy ways to visit Russia and it takes a good amount of planning before you could go.
However, Setomaa is great and if you have a car and would still like to breath some Russian air, I'd recommend visiting Saatse saabas - in one place, Estonian road goes through Russian territory and since it's the only road which connects Värska and some smaller villages, we are allowed to drive through without stopping the car. It's quite fun so if you have a chance, try it!
Marilyn Local May 21, 2017
Thanks for the information. We will rent a car & will visit the estonain side of Setomaa on the victory day . Any suggestion for a place to attend Jaanipäev ? Regards, Philippe
Yes , by bus and rent car
Avo Local May 21, 2017
By bus and rent car
Avo Local May 21, 2017
To visit Petseri monasty You need Russian visa. If you have it - no problem.
All foreigner`s should have visa .
Illar Local May 21, 2017