Running in Tartu

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By Lene Traveller November 7, 2017

I'am travelling to Tartu nov. 15-16'th.
Can any recommend me at good running route (5-10K).
Maybe if any want to run with me, 15'th nov. (midday) pace 5,45 -6,15 ish??


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2 answers

Hi! Riverside is popular indeed. Take a look also at Srava Global heatmap.
There you can see where people mostly do sports and you can pick the route according to where you are staying. https://labs.strava.com/heatmap/#14.77/26.71830/58.38634/hot/run
Kristiina Local November 7, 2017
Thanks...I will download Strava and look at that
Lene Traveller November 9, 2017
I would recommend riverside. You can cover both bankments and there are plenty of bridges in the center of the city to cover the river. There are two trails leading out from the city next to the river. Both are approximately 4km out from the city center. One leads towards northwest and other to southeast. During ran season there might be ditches full of water so it might take time to find a way around if cold water is not an option.
Elmo Local November 7, 2017
Thanks. I will look at the river- routes on a map
Lene Traveller November 9, 2017