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By Иессей Traveller March 14, 2018

I am curious which type of shoes would be perfect for 1 January to 25 May. Rain boots, snow boots, waterproof tennis shoe, or hiking boots? I have tennis shoes, and some water resistant dress shoes, but feel that with the rain, I may need something more waterproof.

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Hello Jesse!
Good question. Long story short: all the above. During the winter we have snow, and in the spring it rains and the snow melts. By the end of May we usually get some really warm(20+)days also. The period January-May it can get as low as -20C° and as high as +25C°.
Toomas Local March 14, 2018
Thank you so much! What type of rain boots do locals generally use? Is there a general style recommended for men?Here in the USA it does not rain that often. So I have never owned a pair of Rain boots. Does Estonia receive very much wind?
I would advise to have rain boots and snow boots also. It's rather cold during late January and February, but when the snow starts melting, it is very wet. Tennis shoes are great with warmer weather (April, May).
Kertu Local March 14, 2018
Thank you so much for answering my question, is there a particular style of rain boot or snow boot that is common amongst men in Estonia?
I'm happy to help! I think something like this https://cdn.chilli.ee/upload/9db450d80e4f6110e87b2108cad69a46_1443603036.jpg for winter is pretty usual for men. Also, I think that your need for rain boots depends a lot on what is your plan to do here in Tartu/Estonia. If you are just coming for work or studying, then you can actually live pretty well with just waterproof shoes. However, if you like hiking and want to discover Estonian nature, then rain boots are neccessary!
Kertu Local March 14, 2018
Snow boots/hiking boots to wear during the winter.

I think that rain boots are not necessary if you are coming to study at the University of Tartu and planning to spend most of the time in the city. I don't have rain boots and I have managed so far :) Instead of rain boots, I would suggest leather boots for warm winter days/cold spring days/rainy days in the city. I wear boots like this most of the time, they are quite universal. Maybe something like that: https://cdn.shopify.com/s/files/1/0419/1525/products/mens-black-leather-president-boot-1.JPG?v=1503963377
So when it's raining, you could use a) waterproof snow boots for outdoor activities b) and leather boots in the city.

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Marianne Local March 16, 2018
Snow and waterproof boots are a need but in the end on May you might need also tennis shoes and maybe some shoes for warmer weather like for 18-22 degrees and sun.
Agnes Local March 14, 2018
Is there a particular type of rain boot that is common for men in Estonia?
not really, whatever you like :)
Agnes Local March 16, 2018