Unique walking tour of Karlova district



Tartu Pseudo Tour takes you on an exploratory journey into the artistic neighborhood of Karlova. You'll discover local street art and the stories behind it, you'll learn about the development and history of the neighborhood.

Duration: 1.5 hours
    Available in
  • French,
  • Estonian,
  • English


  • Karlova's bar Barlova
  • The Aparatus Factory / Aparaaditehas
  • Art School
  • Karlova Mansion
  • The authentic district of Karlova


The unique cultural landscape of Tartu and the picturesque Karlova timber buildings absolutely need to be discovered! Tartu Pseudo Tours takes its visitors to paths which they may not necessarily end up on during a regular stroll.

We will go through sites where there is lots of street art, and thoroughly examine the nature of the local street art, and the reasons behind it. We will also study Karlova's history and the reasons for its artistic landscape.

The tours are intended for adventurous Tartu visitors who wish to discover Tartu from another angle.
The tour starts in front of Barlova, the local pub of Karlova.

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Wooden districts of Tartu

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Tour operated by: Tartu Pseudo Tours