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A trip to Tbilisi

By Traveller October 17, 2016

A trip to Tbilisi

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By Victoria Traveller October 17, 2016

Hello everybody!
I'm going to Tbilisi this week. I've already booked Light House Avlabari Hotel. Could you please recommend me the best restaurant to try delicious Georgian food and drinks? Prices don't matter but I prefer it to be the best national place without strict dresscode :)

And do you have Uber there? Is it cheaper and more comfortable to use Uber around the city or local services?

Thanks in advance!

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I don't know of any places around Avlabari but I am sure there are places. However, you are a very short walk downhill to the Old City District. On both sides of the bridge are so many restarurants and bars it is difficult to describe. Just roam around and enjoy.

As for taxis they are cheap and easy to get around. I don't believe there is uber here but there is no need. The only problem is the language few taxi drivers speak English, and frankly very few know their way around Tbilisi. I would suggest using Google Maps and the buses or metro to get around. Unless you find a good taxi driver and then get his phone number!
Local October 17, 2016
Alexander, thank you for all these tips! I hope taxi drivers know Russian :)
You will be fine then. I know no Russian. Wish I did!
Alexander Local October 17, 2016
Hi Victoria,

try these two:
~ Cafe Leila
~ Shavi Lomi (Black Lion)

Local October 17, 2016
Dear Ele, thank you for advice! :)
Hello Victoria, welcome to Tbilisi :)
I will recommend restaurant "shadow of metekhi" it is located in front of Sheraton Metekhi Palace Hotel. They have a nice view and delicious food, also they have Georgian dance programs on some days.

Also I recommend "მეგრული სახლი / Megruli Sakhli" in atoneli street 31, you can check their facebook page.

We don't have a Uber in Gerogia, taxi service isn't very expensive.
Local October 17, 2016
Dear Nino, I've just read about Shadow of Metekhi. It should be a very nice place, thank you! My first evening in Tbilisi will be this Saturday. And of course I would like to start my trip in restaurant. Is it possible that there will be no tables Saturday evening? Should I book it in advance?
Yes, it might be busy at Saturday night. It will be better if you can reserve in advance :)
This is official site: http://www.mgroup.ge/en#in_the_shadow_of_metekhi
Nino Local October 17, 2016
Thank you! I'll try to book it :)
Hello, Victoria, I recommend you go to the old town and choose among the many restaurants that necessary to liking and will always tasty) you should try pkhali - for me this is the most unusual dish in Georgia. As for taxis do not worry, they're everywhere, reasonable price, do not be lazy to bargain.
Traveller October 17, 2016
Thank you for your advice, Denis!
Lali, thank you for this suggestion. I had the ideas to go exactly to this place but there are some feedbacks that they have strict dress code there. As I'm comingto Tbilisi by plane, i'm not going to take a lot of clothes (heels and dresses won't be in my baggage). Is it really a problem?
Dear Victoria,
I've contacted them and, yes, unfortunately, they have dress code at the central hall on the second floor. This is the place where they present national performances in the evenings. Heels are not mandatory. You just shouldn't wear denim and sportswear. Although, you can visit other halls of the restaurant. But please arrange your booking in advance. you can find phone number in the link. So, it's up to you!
Sunny Local October 17, 2016
I appreciate your help so much, Lali! If one day you decide to come to Minsk, I would love to help you if it's necessary :)
I visited Minsk in my childhood while accompanying my father at the International Nuclear Physics Conference. I stayed in hotel Minsk with other foreign participants. It was great! I love your city. It was tidy then. I still have a straw doll! I'd love to come again. If you need my assistance please let me know.
Sunny Local October 17, 2016
Nice to hear that you liked the trip to Minsk! It is still tidy here. Minsk is changing rapidly, a lot of nice places opened before Hockey Championship in 2014. So there are reasons to visit not only Minsk, but another parts of Belarus once again.
If i need help, I'll contact you this week. Thank you!