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Tbilisi Shopping Centers

By Traveller October 17, 2016

Tbilisi Shopping Centers

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By Victoria Traveller October 17, 2016

Hello everybody? Could you please recommend me any shopping centers in Tbilisi? Somewhere in the city center (if it is possible).


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It's not as big as Tbilisi Mall and East Point, but there is one on Rustaveli 42, named "MERANI".
Local October 18, 2016
Hello, in the center there are two streets where you can find quite good shops, Rustaveli and Marjanishvili, also you should try Tbilisi Mall and East Point, they are both quite far from center but with a lots of shops
Local October 17, 2016
Hi Shota! Thank you for your valuable advice!


Here are the both biggest shopping mall links in Tbilisi, you can check them as well for more info.
Shota Local October 17, 2016
In Tbilisi there is few shopping centers. Newest is shopping center "East point", It is on the way from Airport to "Avlabari". from Avlabari you can go by Mini bus (marshutka) # 89 it will cost 0.80 Lari, or by taxi it will cost about 7-8 Lari.
Local October 17, 2016
Dear Nino, thanks a lot! :)