Rent a car with driver.

By Traveller October 18, 2016

Rent a car with driver.

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By Love Traveller October 18, 2016

How much normally would they charge if I rent a car with driver for 1 day to explore Khaketi from morning lets say starts at 7am till 7pm perhaps. And Borjomi the next day. Where can I rent a car with driver? How much they'll charge per day. Thanks! ~ Lovely

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27 answers

It will vary according to the size of the car, and how much driving is going to be involved, I pay 100 GEL a day for th driver, and usually some more for the gas, whatever I think was used. I also throw in the meals.
Local October 19, 2016
Thank you!
can you please give me the contact details of the driver.
Do you have contact details on the driver
Rekha Traveller February 7, 2019
Do you still looking for car with driver?
Hey. I'm a local guide and driver. Can servise you with hatchback and 4x4 car. +995599494249
130$. Full day trip 3 to 8 person
We plan to hire a car with driver in Georgia for 10 days.7 persons (4 adults,3 children).Starting and ending point is Tbilisi. Plan to visit Borjomi, Trinity, Batumi etc.
Any suggestions?ideas?
Thank You in advance
Traveller September 3, 2019
Hello, I’m going to be in Tibilisi in September and trying to find taxi or car with driver for day trip to Armenia ( monastery of Akhtala, monastery complex of Haghpat, monastery complex of Haghpat) please send me any offers to
Traveller July 21, 2019
Сar with driver per day 150 gel + gasoline :) +995 599 49 42 49.. if any questions ready to help you.. what's upp or viber.. best of luck
Local July 7, 2019
Hey. I'm a local guide and driver. Can servise you with hatchback and 4x4 car. +995599494249 write me message in fb bako Chomakhidze or here
Local July 6, 2019
I would need a car with driver from 13 oct 19 for 10 days. How much is your daily cost ? How much is extra for overnight stay outside tbilisi?
Hello. I’m looking for a driver for tomorrow morning from Tbilisi Airport to Batumi with stop in Kutaisi. We are two adults
Traveller July 5, 2019
I am planning for a trip to Kazbegi on 31st May. Any leads for driver with car. Text or call me on whatsapp with your quote.
Plan is leave Tbilisi by 1PM on 31st May, stay in Kazbegi and return back to Tbilisi on 1st June
Contact +919894578876
Traveller May 23, 2019
Hi Sathya, did you get the driver? How was your experience? If it was good, do you have a number of the driver? I am planning to go in August.
Tbilisi-kakheti 250 lari (100$)
Local May 20, 2019
Hello. For how many person ?
Local May 7, 2019
I am a local certified guide/driver. Contact me whatsapp: +995593524458 I would be glad to assist you.
Local May 3, 2019
Hello. Depend on the car is it hatchback sedan SUV or 4x4 just car rental like hatchback start daily from40$ without driver and gasoline. Bako Chomakhidze it's my fb if u need any help write me there and I'll help. Have 3,5 years of guiding experience.
Local April 30, 2019
Please contact me at
Traveller April 25, 2019
im looking for a driver with a car in tblisi to take us to tashir in armenia and run us around to various places over two weeks whilst we are there - there are only 2 of us so baggage will be minimal so suit a standard car - we arrive on may 1 2019 if you know of anyone please drop me a line at
Traveller April 17, 2019
If anyone looking for minivan Toyota Sienna (for 7 passengers) with experienced and reliable driver for best possible price, please contact me at for additional info and vehicle pictures.
Traveller April 8, 2019
we are a family of 4 people, we are looking for a driver on the 3'rd of june for a trip to gudauri and friendship monument. can you please contact me in .
I used Mr Adam when I went with my wife to Georgia and found him the best. Charges 100 dollars per day.
His number is :+995 596 107 608
Traveller January 4, 2019
Hi Can anyone recommend where can i book transport from TBS airport to Bakuriani, for 7 adults and 6 children, need 5 car seats. We will arrive 17th Feb and straight to Bakuriani. On 20th from Bakuriani to Tbilisi, and 22nd Tbilisi to TBS airport. Thank you in advance.
Traveller January 3, 2019
I need private transfer from Akhlatsikhe to Gudauri on the 24th of Dec 11AM for 3 passengers one way. How much would you charge me?
Traveller November 21, 2018
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📲Please contact us: Viber, whatsapp
+995 595 24 42 74
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+995 595 24 42 74
Local September 25, 2018
Hello Navida,
100 gel/day + fuel (petrol not gas) cost with safe car. Contact me on skype laliko355. Thanks.
Local July 25, 2018
Pls can you give your mobile number
Rekha Traveller February 7, 2019
USD 100/ per day. Contact Mr Adam very reliable and honest driver cum guide.
+995 596 107 608
Traveller July 25, 2018
USD 100 fixed.Contact Mr Adam: +995 596 107 608
Very co operative reliable
Traveller July 25, 2018
Hire a car with driver for 8 days from 16.07.18 to 24.07.18


Good morning,

We would like to hire a car with driver for 8 days from 16.07.18 to 24.07.18:
8 days tour starting in Tbilisi ending in Signaghi.

We are a family of 3 persons Agnieszka Gorla-Bajszczak, Patrick Gorla, Sabine Gorla (adult daughter)

What car can you propose ?
What is included in car+driver price ?
Illimited kilometers
Driver's expenses (accommodation+meals)

It would be better if the driver could speak some English or French.
I can speak Russian.

Our itinerary is as follows :

DAY 1-16.07.18-
DRIVE :Tbilisi-(Uplistsikhe)-100km 1h40' Gori-130km 2h-Akhalsikhe=230km 4h
Night : Akhalsikhe

DRIVE-Akhalsikhe- Vardzia- Akhalsikhe 60kmx2 2x1h= 120km 2h
Night : Akhalsikhe

DAY 3-18.07.18-
DRIVE-Kutaisi-Mestia =236km 4h30’
Night Mestia

DRIVE -Mestia-Ushguli-Mestia 2x46 km 2x2h= 92km 4h
Night Mestia

DRIVE-Mestia- Batumi-Gonio =259km 5h
Night Gonio

DAY6 21.07.18
Night Gonio
Gonio beach

DAY7 22.07.18
DRIVE-Gonio-Tbilisi =373km 5h30'
Night Tbilisi

DAY 8 23.07.18
DRIVE-Tbilisi-94km 1h50'-Telavi-58km 1h15'Sighnaghi=152km 3h


DRIVE -Tbilisi- 66km 2h-Davit Gareja-133km 2h30' -Sighnaghi=200km4h30’


8 days about 1460 km

Best regards
Agnieszka Goral-Bajszczak

Traveller June 20, 2018
Can you order me a driver for the whole of Georgia
From 27 July - 8 august
You can contact me on:
00966536533220 what's app
Thank you 😊
Local July 20, 2017
I can offer you a good driver.
Local October 18, 2016
Hi Lali. For how much for 2 or 3 days. Khaketi,Borjomi, Kazbegi.
How many people are there in your company? Do you need only a driver or also a guide?
Sunny Local October 18, 2016
2 persons only. Just a car and driver who knows the road and places we want to visit.
I need more details. Contact me on skype. laliko355
Sunny Local October 18, 2016
i like to have a driver for 4 days March 1st to 5th ,knowing english,tovisit Tbilisi and Gudauri
if so tell the rate per day
mail to
I need to visit kazbegi on 22 jan 18. I would need a car with Driver. Plz advise???
Zakir Traveller January 17, 2018
+995557503559 his name is giga. The driver/ guide I had last year
Hi Lali,

I need a similar service in June (private transportation from Tbilisi to Gyumri). Is that something you could help with?

email me to if so.

My email :
we are 2 , me and my wife and need a car driver cum guide and air conditioned good car from 14th June 2018 morning 8 AM at Ameeri Plaza Hotel until 17th June 2018 drop at same hotel.
Our itinery is ready and i night we will spend in Guduri and he has to take us to all places, timing should not be restrictions, mostly start at 8 AM and finish by dinner.
English- or Hindi/ urdu speaking driver needed...... Please write in my email given above. What's up : 00973 39933059.

Daily rate all inclusive. Last time I took a 8 seater Mercedes with driver cum guide for $ 100 per day as we had other people in group but now only we 2 are there so normal saloon car is okay.
Hello, how much will be car and driver for 2 days, 4 adults, 2 children, both 5 years old safety seat needed). Starting point Tbilisi. Final stop Signagi, where we spend night and next day back to Tbilisi. Planned time of the trip is 27-28.9.18. Thanks
How much did he charge.. i need for 12.8.18
What did he charge.
Contact me on skype. laliko355. Thanks.
Sunny Local January 4, 2019
599501847 om facebook i will help you, giorgi arjevanidze
Local October 18, 2016
Local October 18, 2016
Hi Giorgi. 100usd per day?