Live Georgian(or not) music restaurants

By Traveller October 29, 2016

Live Georgian(or not) music restaurants

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By Anastasia Traveller October 29, 2016

Can you recommend authentic places for food and live Georgian music that local people go?We will be in Tbilisi from 08/11 unti 10/11. We want to avoid touristic places

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3 answers

Of course i can recommend tell me your number and i can send you links in viber
Local October 30, 2016
thank you very much for your help, I don't have viber but you can send me the links in mail address:
Okey no problem i will send
tazo Local November 3, 2016
First of all, you should try Couchsurfing website. There you will meet/ chatt with locals. Second thing if your Russian language is good I would advise to try Tbili hostle. It hase good location, clean and the best thing is the hostle girl os so friendly and willing to help and of course she now alote about the city. For the food they are very famous in Kachabory and kinkaly. These are the most favorite food for them. Hope this will be answere some of your enquries. Have a nice trip and wish you the best
Local October 29, 2016