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By Traveller October 31, 2016


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By Aya Traveller October 31, 2016

Please I have several places that I wanna visit in Tbilisi and I want a guide with fair prices.. Do you recommend or know someone?

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Hello AYA , my recommendation is to use travel agency for the far places like Mt Kazbek (65 GEL), Vardzia (75), Kutaisi go for 2 days because their is a lot around
for Mtskheta tale a Taxi with Max (15 GEL) because it's near to Tbilisi
also this is Taxi service like Uber you can use with bre- set precises per KM so you wont worry about negotiation with local taxi driver

let me know if you need more info or prices
Traveller October 31, 2016
I want other than tbilisi sorry for the typo above.. i have some other places that i want to see.. shall I contact you?
Aya Traveller October 31, 2016
Yes sure you can :) we also organize tours around Georgia :) tbilisiwalkingtour @ gmail . com
Levan Local October 31, 2016