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Timetable of mashrutkas

By Traveller June 4, 2018

Timetable of mashrutkas

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By Vir Traveller June 4, 2018

Hey! I am wondering what the website is for the timetable of mashrutkas and local trains?
Thank u!!

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Hello Vir,

Mini buses are leaving their station every 15-30-60 minutes, depending on directions. So, you will always find free sits. Hope that will help.

Enjoy your trip,
Mariam & Levan
What if I want o visit Vardzia or Stepandsminda?Do they drive that often?
Yes they do
To Stepantsminda there are direct marshutkas but when going to Vardzia you probably have to go to Akhaltsikhe and change a transport there
Perfect!Thank you!
What about the minibuses?
Unfortunately, there is no minibus scheduale web site.

Would you like us to plan and organize tour in Tbilisi for you?
Nono, thank you.
Ok, have a nice trip.