Local georgian brands

By Traveller June 4, 2018

Local georgian brands

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By Noshina Traveller June 4, 2018

What are local clothing ans accesories brand for women, men and kids.
What average price?
Which market or mall has those outlets in tblisi ans batumi?

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Dear Noshina,

We have local clothing and accessories brand but it's like a high fashion, so prices are not budget friendly. But if you wish anyway - Avtandil is in Tbilisi Mall and some other boutiques on Abashidze street.

We have Tbilisi Mall, Galleria Tbilisi, East Point and Tbilisi City Malls in different neighbourhoods were you can find all main clothing stores.

Mariam & Levan
Whats the average price for a shirt ?
Abtandil, Oliko , etc
Local June 4, 2018
Which mall? Amd what about batumi