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Zip line from narkila fortress

By Traveller June 9, 2018

Zip line from narkila fortress

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By Noshina Traveller June 9, 2018

How to book it and whats the details?
How mich
Whats the length?
Where it reache

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Hi, Noshina
Zipline service costs 25 Gel and 5 Gel to take a car ride to take you to the initial place in the botanical garden. The length is short but the view is good.
Local June 22, 2018
Would like to add

Zip line takes only 30-40 seconds and its just 300m ans 60 m high only

I didnt have anderline rush
And person can gwr back to narkila fortress by paying 5 lari for golf cart or can walk for 15-20 minutes(whixh is difficult as u have to walk up)
Traveller June 16, 2018
Hello, it's at the beginning of botanical garden, I do not know length, it coasts 30 GEL per person, you can go there without booking, but if you want to book Tbilisi tour (including visiting Narikala, Botanical garden and enjoy with Zip line, I can send to you a tour, just give me your email address, also i can offer you special tours by the email)
Local June 9, 2018
Hello Noshina!!! :)

To fly over the Tbilisi Botanic Garden from Narikala fortress cost 30 lari per person.You must pay money to instructors.
Fly takes about 3 minutes.
After the flight you get to the botanical garden and ticket to the botanical garden you will not need to buy anymore.

Have a nice rest in our beautiful country!!! :)
Local June 9, 2018
What exactly is to see in botanical garden
In botanical garden you will see :
Rare Plant Collections
Caucasian Plant Collections
Orangery of Tropical Plants
Parterre (French Decorative Corner)
Japenese Garden
Historical Sightseeings
Event Square
Beautiful Waterfall