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budget trip to kazbegi

By Traveller June 11, 2018

budget trip to kazbegi

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By Eslam Traveller June 11, 2018

how can i book a cheap trip to kazbegi
is it better too book in advance or i can found less price if i reach to Tbilisi
it's not necessary to be private trip , it can be within a group


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4 answers

text me and i take u kazbegi temukalomidze2002@gmail.com
Local June 13, 2018
you can go by minibus from Didube station - this is the cheapest option. Or I can offer you a private transfer
Local June 11, 2018
Dear Eslam,

Do you want 1 day tour? only visit Kazbegi and come back to tbilisi yes? send me your email address please, I will send several options
Local June 11, 2018
Hello, Mariam!
I am interested to have a day tour to Kazbegi, I am traveling solo. Can I join a small group or what other options do I have? I'm leaving my email address, just in case you can help me out. Thanks in advance. I am traveling in August.

Email: justmethejustincase@gmail.com
send me your email and i will send you details of tour
Local June 11, 2018
Tell me the dates, when you want to visit kazbegi and I will send to you cheap tours
still there's no confirmed dates , but almost will be between 13-20 july