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Planning Tbilisi to Kutaisi airport arrival for the flight

By Traveller June 20, 2018

Planning Tbilisi to Kutaisi airport arrival for the flight

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By Arman Traveller June 20, 2018

Gamarjoba dear locals, I am trying to plan the hour of departure from Tbilisi and transportation method to arrive in Kutaisi airport in time. My flight is at 12:45, so my questions are:

1) How much time ahead should I arrive at the airport to be on the safe side?
2) What transports work that early in the morning (a quick search showed no bus or trains goes at those early hours to make it in time), so am I left with marshrutka vs taxi?
2a) if taxi what should I just go to the station and try to make a deal or should I just call some service?

Any other advice is most welcome. Thanks in advance :)

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Check Georgian bus service from the freedom square to Kutaisi Airport. More convenient options. Safe flight!
Local June 22, 2018
Thank you for the information, will most likely use bus servies.
Gamarjoba Arman, You should be at airport 2 hours early which is 11:45
Drive from Tbilisi for Kutaisi is about 3 to 3.5 hours of Drive depends on traffic but you should take about 4-5 hours for the road first marshutkas stop once on the road for about 20min break and than after arrival you'll need a taxi to airport, so if you go to OKRIBA station in didube at 6:45 you'll depart arround 7:00, at about 10:30 you'll be in Kutaisi and than about 30 min to airport with a taxi. Tbilisi- Kutaisi will cost you 10-20 Lari and about 15-20lari to airport.alternative is to contact METRO bus services or Georgian bus services. You can simply Google it.
Have a nice journey
Local June 21, 2018