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Tbilsi night clubs

By Traveller July 12, 2018

Tbilsi night clubs

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By Eslam Traveller July 12, 2018

Kindly recommmend a good and safe night club
Tips to avoid stealing or fraud or any thing dangrous !

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Today I am planning to go in this Khidi club.
Is there any one who can join me as I am alone in tbilisi and really want to visit this place.
Traveller September 28, 2019
Hi! I think that, "El Centro is a good club in old Tbilisi
Local July 13, 2018
Dear Eslam, Do not be afraid of stealing, you will be safe in every night club!

You can visit Blow bar, Basiani, Garely, Home ...
Local July 12, 2018
Hello Eslam ! If you are into nightlife and love some Techno music, KHIDI is one of the best place to visit not only in Tbilisi, but in whole Europe ! It has great space for ravers, music is on point, sound system one of the best in my opinion. On July 20th, me and couple of my friends are going to visit KHIDI, it's season closing event and Boston 168 will be a headliner (Great music if you love some acid/techno sounds). If you are interested feel free to join us and have one more unbelievable night with locals in Tbilisi !
Hey giorgi
Actually my last day at tbilsi will be 20
Im planing to visit khidi on saturday night , if u want u can join me
Unfortunately I won't be available, currently I'm out of city for a weekend, but still thanks for invitation and maybe in future we can still meet up somewhere else in Tbilisi.
Wish you nice rave at Khidi =)
Also you can try mtkvarze which is located by the river mtkvari
Local July 12, 2018
Actually u can go there WO verification, but u cannot be totally sure that u get in, but as u are not Georgian they will probably let u in
Local July 12, 2018
Hey sandro
Im afraid of wasting my time by going there and failed to access , i think i will go to khidi as recommend from all locals
Cafe gallery

But really good clubs are not on Rustaveli street
Y.O.L.O. Lounge
Local July 12, 2018
I heard that bassiani i have to register first on their website before going there