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Driving - road signs and speeds

By Traveller July 17, 2018

Driving - road signs and speeds

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By Stvi Traveller July 17, 2018

Can someone please explain what the white circle with 3 diagional lines mean? What speed does this indicate.

What is the speed limit for normal city roads?

Do speed cameras record average speed?

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3 answers

Yes, speed cameras do record average speed and the speed limit for usual normal city roads is 70-75 km/h :)
Local July 17, 2018
That sing restricts driving on the sign direction unless you are living there and this way is only one, But I am not 100pc sure
some cameras in Tbilisi are for 80 some for 70 and some 60
Cameras are new still called smart cameras and they calculate your speed from one camera to another.
this is speed limit mark for 50
Local Expert July 17, 2018