As a local in Tbilisi, which neighborhood would you want to live in?

By Traveller July 19, 2018

As a local in Tbilisi, which neighborhood would you want to live in?

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By Himanshu Traveller July 19, 2018


I am trying to understand the different neighborhoods in Tbilisi as we are visiting for a week. Which neighborhoods are more spendy and which ones feel more "home"?

Thanks in advance!


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Welcome, unfortunately late saw your post, I hope you've already found what you were looking for, But if you need any kind of help I'm here :)
Local July 26, 2018
Oops =) I just realized your question was about living place and not on actual outside world of Tbilisi. In that case I can recommend you some parts of Vera, which is nice, historical and safe place, with lots of cozy hostels. From this neighborhood you can easily connect to main streets and parts of Tbilisi and I do believe you can find yourself a home for a good price.

Best regards, Giorgi
Hello Himu ! Hope everything is smooth with you. As a local I consider most pricey parts can be found around Old Tbilisi. You can find lots of traditional, delicious, historical items there, but for a not so little price =) Also there is a street of Shardeni, which can be found right there, in Old Tbilisi, but can't really recommend this place, because it's way too pricey and nothing cool really can't be done there which you can't do in any other place. Prices are pretty moderate around Tbilisi I can say, overall there are some places which tends to be pricey and also you can find some places which are pretty cheap. Try Tabidze Street on Rustaveli avenue. You can find a lots nice bars there, different from each other and they will offer you a really nice, affordable prices. It's crowded place mostly, but feels really peaceful to be honest.

Hope this tip will help someway and wish you safe and beautiful trip !