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Huh ?

By Traveller November 16, 2016

Huh ?

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By Kevin Traveller November 16, 2016

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Hi! It is almost impossible to buy weed in Georgia. It's illegal, one, and selling any dope is the most disgusting thing a man can do, two... But a lot of people do smoke, own-grown or "gifts" from the villager relatives.. . The best way to get it is to ask a local, with who you are in some sort of relationships, a friend or a host... A guest here is "divine", untouchable,
and no one wants to spoil that attitude, I mean get a name of "a traitor of the guest'"... not even police.
Something like that )))
Local November 17, 2016
...or you mean "if I can sell it to you"? )))) Read "two".
Gia Local November 17, 2016