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How long is it okay to stay in Tiblisi as a visitor

By Traveller December 30, 2018

How long is it okay to stay in Tiblisi as a visitor

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By yoanna Traveller December 30, 2018

I have the UAE residency and that allows me to get a 3 months visa to Georgia and I get that at the airport in Tiblisi. My question is if I tell the people at the airport (the ones that stamp my visa) that I'm going to stay for 2 weeks, but then I change my mind and decide for staying for a longer time, would that be considered illegal even though I'm allowed 3 months in the country??

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if you want to see the main sightseeing of the city without rush, at least 4-5 days.. Depending on your interests you can stay even longer ;) only the short tour in the city center (old town) takes around 3-5 hr
Local December 31, 2018
ooh! The country sounds amazing! I think I'll take my time to visit every place there!
They will for sure Ask you returning tickets )
If you don't have return ticket and hotel booking they can easily decline your entrance.
Local Expert December 30, 2018
First of all, Thank you for answering!!
I will have return tickets, but my issue is I'm not sure if I'll be staying for two weeks or if I will be staying for a bit more (I'm going to be visiting my best friend so I'm not sure how long she'll want me to stay lol) so if i do have returning tickets but then end up leaving later (but within the 3 months) would that cause trouble?