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Transport to Yerevan

By Traveller January 20, 2019

Transport to Yerevan

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By simon Traveller January 20, 2019

Do not wish to take Marshutka to Yerevan. Are there sleeper bus(large buses that take up to 40 passengers) that head that direction?

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2 answers

Hi, you can take night train, or minivan/sedan transfer from the bus station or the direct flight to Yerevan
Local January 22, 2019
Hi Simon,

there are no sleeper buses operating this route. But there is night train between Yerevan and Tbilisi with sleeper cabins

Local Guru January 20, 2019
So, only Marshutka is available for road travel(besides taxi)? Thanks.
Yes, there are only marshrutkas or shared cabs. Sorry for the late reply