The usual scams for Tourists to watch out for?

By Traveller April 2, 2019

The usual scams for Tourists to watch out for?

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By Kee Traveller April 2, 2019

Any advice is good advice :)

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Taxi from airport or random ones from the street, Strip clubs, or any suspicious club that girl would approach you for a drink, little gypsies might pick your pocket whole hugging you to create distraction: Instead: use a mobile app after buying a sim card Bolt (Taxify), refrain from suspicious places (always ask for menu with prices) , don't carry money in your pockets or an easy detachable item from your body such as a jacket. But in general you will feel very safe but if you are a female beware from the local guys who seem friendly or generous to invite you somewhere at least you should know them before or have a male friend with you all these are very rare cases but it's not a bad idea to keep them in mind.
Local April 3, 2019