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Russian school in Tbilisi

By Traveller April 27, 2019

Russian school in Tbilisi

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By Homa Traveller April 27, 2019

Hello. I m living in Tbilisi. I m going to register my son in a Russian you think Russian schools have good situation same as Georgian schools?and do you think It is a good idea to send my son in Russian school at all?

My son is 6 years old.we are from son can speak Georgian language fluently.and a little Russian.

I live in Subortalo region. Please if you know any good Russian school, write it s name.

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4 answers

Why are you sending your kid to a Russian school? You live in Georgia, the child speaks Georgian and you can send your kid to the languaged school of the country he lives in. You are in GEORGIA and not Russia.
Local April 27, 2019
Hello, I've just found this question (while looking for some materials about language ideologies in Georgia) and I am curious what was your finally decision? Did you sent your son to Russian or to Georgian speaking school?
Traveller September 13, 2019
Hello Klaudia,
Thank u for ur answer.
I registered him in public school no 60.
It is a Georgian school.
In which he can learn Russian and Italian language.
I m a little worried and stressful like the first day of school of myself .
Let s see, how would he like it!
Homa Traveller September 13, 2019
Hello Homa, thank you for your answer. Good luck to your son on a new way of his life from Monday:) I wonder if Russian language starts from 5th class as it is in some other schools I know here? And what about Italian? If it starts from the first class if you know already?
Thank u..You know, Most of my questions would be anwered on Monday!(hope so!)
I can not speak Georgian language well, but I can understand almost .
I wish his teacher could talk English , then I would be in contact to her/him easily.
I d inform u about the year of learning 2nd & 3rd languages.

Homa Traveller September 14, 2019
Depends on what you are looking for - quality education? then send him to private Georgian school.
Why do you want to send him to a Russian school, to begin with? He can improve Russian language skills anyway, but probably would be better for him to know Georgian and have Georgian education, if you plan to stay here.
He is already bilingual, adding another language for studies on top of adapting to the new country might be too much pressure for him.
Local April 27, 2019
school 96
Local April 27, 2019