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Weather in end of May

By Traveller May 11, 2019

Weather in end of May

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By Raymond Traveller May 11, 2019

Dear all, we are planning to go to Georgia in the last week of May until the first week of June, is that a good time to visit Georgia? I've read that it is the rainiest time of the year. and I'm concerned that it might ruin our trip. Does it mostly rain a lot at that time?

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7 answers

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Local May 13, 2019
Visit 4GB festival which will be held on 24-25 of May. Weather will be ok, sometimes rainy. Tbilisi is a sunny city.
Local May 12, 2019
Dear Raymond. Weather in Georgia changes very fast in this case I can`t give u advice. You can check it on the local web site
The weather in Georgian changes so fast so it can`t give you advice in this case. You can follow this site for forecast
Hi Raymond
Generally May is rainy month in here,
but you can visit different parts of the country, where will be no rain at that time.
Wish you good trip.

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Local May 11, 2019
As the weather forecasts are only accurate a week before our arrival in Georgia, how do I change my itinerary for that? It's hard to change if you have booked hotels.
Hello Raymond, end of May is the best time to visit Georgia.
Local May 11, 2019
Exactly nobody knows, but this period is bit rainy in Georgia