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Which neighborhood to choose to rent apartment in Tbilisi?

By Traveller June 25, 2019

Which neighborhood to choose to rent apartment in Tbilisi?

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By Yoann Traveller June 25, 2019

I’ll be moving to Tbilisi by the end of the year for a 10 month stay. I’m wondering which neighborhood to choose for renting an apartment in Tbilisi. I’ve been thinking moving in Saburtalo which is obviously more affordable than Vake, Mtatsminda or Vera, quite calm, with newer buildings.
Avlabani is probably cheaper than Abanotubani but too old? Is Marjanishvili quiet, affordable, not too touristy?

Please correct if I’m wrong. Your experience will be of a great help. Thanks for your answers

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9 answers

ncubidze 4mk
Local July 28, 2019
Take a flat on saburtalo it isn't as touristy as other places that you said.
Local June 27, 2019
hello Yoann nice to hear that you're planning to visit my country. Areas you write prices is to high when you'll come I'll be happy to help you with appartments which price will low but it will be comfortable to you :) you can contact me on my whatsApp +995598608768. Good Luck 🍀
Local June 26, 2019
It depends where will be your work place. I don;t recommend Marjanishvili, It is very hot in summer. Better will be Mtatsminda - Rustaveli - Vera area, but it is more expensive then Saburtalo. In Saburtalo you can find good apartment for a low price.
Before you choose Apartment, will be better to share with us and get some more recommendations.

Local June 25, 2019
Thanks Nino for the interesting fact about the warmth of the different neighborhoods. I'm looking for a rather recent apartment, that's why I was thinking about Saburtalo, and to some extent Vake.
II'll glady get back to you as soon as I look into apartment offers.
Vake is more expansive than Saburtalo, traffic is almost same :)

I have an Apartments on Rustaveli, you can check it just in case ;)


Nino Local June 26, 2019
Hi Yoann, depends what are your preferences, mainly in which area you will need to go everyday, not to loose hours in traffic jams, I have affordable offer on Vera, Rcheulishvili street, new building, tell me if you are interested
Local June 25, 2019
Thanks Lasha for the offer. I thought apartments were rather old in Vera, no new bulidings...
You did your homework well into researching these location, i am comfortable my self in Vake and i would never ever advice you to go for Sabortalo if very inconvenience location and un-charming and you will always require a mean of transportation to reach the good places and attraction in Tbilisi, if i would rent or buy another property i would choose Mtasminda area , it's quite and it got nicer views are better oxygen quality, Marjanishvili is good if you wish to be located in the very center and it's more practical for both walking and transportation as well convenient for shopping of your daily needs, remember you will always feel like going between Rustaveli until freedom square and the choice is crystal clear between (Mtsasminda - Marjanishvili), enjoy your stay , i am into hospitality consulting and property management.
Local June 25, 2019
Thanks Enzo for your answer. You say that living in Saburtalo requires a mean of transportation. As far as I know there are several metro stations in Saburtalo. Do I have to understand the metro is not a good option in Tbilisi? Generally speaking, is it better to use a car or public transportation?
I've noted the difference between Marjanishvili and Mtatsminda. Good to know
Hi Yoann,

As for me, Zemo Vake is the best borough of Tbilisi. It's more expensive but there you can find everything you need for a comfortable stay. Find something near Vake Park.
Local June 25, 2019
Hi Sunny. You mean one can find all shopping facilities in Vake? supermarkets, markets, fish? (I'm a big fish-eater;)
We have the best supermarkets in town - Agrohub, Goodwill, Carrefour and lots of places to eat in a trendy atmosphere. It's up to you what to choose.
If I were yours, I would chose Saburtalo.
Maybe Vaja-Pshavela avenue or Politkovkaia Street and Metro is nearby in both cases.
You can think about Marjanishvili , but it is a bit noisy. Marjanishvili is touristic , but only central avenue, the other parts are okey.

Local June 25, 2019
Thanks Natalia for the precise information about Saburtalo. If I understand, Marjanishvili is in fact as touristy as the city center, at least along the main street. And probably as expensive...
What about the metro? Is it efficient, not too overcrowded?
Metro is the best way to get somewhere... Vaja-Pshavela and University station are not overcrowded... This part of the city is quite, not noisy, not touristic...And despite of the whole city very green. You will enjoy it.
Hello, Marjanishvili is touristic too, in your case for staying longer period Isani, Saburtalo, Varketili , Gldani are the best choices,
Local June 25, 2019
Thanks Nana for your answer. I didn't know Isani, Varketili or Gldani neighborhoods. They are quite far from the city center, though. Aren't they too "suburbs"?!